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Howard J. Clark

Arthur O'Keefe

Claire Sharidan

J.C. Smith at piano

Fred'k Owen Roberts

Taft at von Steuben unveiling

Pupil on weighing scale, Bermerside School

Roosevelt at St. Louis

Chas. MacVeagh

Namara and Guy Bolton

Mme. Francis

Wellman airship from "Trent"

R. Croker

Pio Bolands, Nicaraguan Consul. Gen


Francis Hovey Stoddard

Queen Mary of England, Rotary Photo Rotary Photo

Mrs. Harriet B. Howard

Billy Burke

Zulu women

Arthur Maurice Werner

Mrs. Arthur L. Bliss

Mabel T. Bonney

Business Men at Roosevelts

Schumann-Heinke sewing flag

Fitziu holding dog, coming out of car

Yussif Mahmout

Lady Constance Baird

Gogorza and Eames

Countess Forres

E.M. Shepard

Frank Beaurepaire

Blimp, Zeppelin No. 3, in shed, seen from water

Dr. J.J. Risnik

Courtenay Crocker

Lauder wearing kilts


Mrs. O.H.P. Belmont

Knockout Brown


Marion Davies

Walter Camp, portrait bust

G.W. Perkins

Toppy Troupe, Ohio

Ship's Doctor


Jas. E. West

T.R. Theodore Roosevelt leaving U.S. Ambassador Bacon's residence to call on Fallerieres

Miss Thurston


Fleta "J. Compagnaca"

C.W. Bryan

Pope Pius X and his court

Frank Caton



Army in camp - officer's tent

Prof. Thos. Jonnesco

Mrs. John D. Works


Elly Ney & husband, Edw. Tak

Monjau, Audemars, Radley, Moissant, Aubrun, Simon

St. Croix Johnstone

R.P. Vandevelde

Osten Unden

John S. Fisher

Marines in Peking

Pompeo Coppini

Woman's rights meeting, Tokyo


Throne room, Buckingham Palace

Madge Bellamy - Black satin tricorn(?) gold fringed ornament

Sir Alfred Yarrow

Rubinstein holding violin, looking at it, near piano

Rev. B.G. Bethea

Lloyd George

John T. McGraw

Madame Bakhmeteff & dog


J. Wheatley

Jas. E. Martine

Ruth St. Denis


Oskar Hergt

Stern of ZR-1 showing rudders

Mrs. N. Der Whitehouse

Mrs. Theo. Papagiannopulo

F.W. Jowett

Willette Kershaw

Dickey Strauss

Old Irv Cobb (caricature) by J.M. Flagg

Willie W. Caldwell

J.E. Erickson


Yolanda Mero

Mrs. W.J. Bryan

S.R. Van Sant, portrait bust

Edith L. Colby

Sol. S. Swaab and family