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Lionel Carden

Count Wolkenstein and wife, Cosima Wagner

Jaffa Gate

Norfolk beet sugar factory

RR Train, Great Britain

Shemasha (Deacon) Ishai d'Mar Shimun (half-brother of Patriarch Mar Rowel and father of the next Patriarch of the Church of the East, Mar Benyamin), seated, with secretary and servants, possibly in Urmia, Persia or Turkey

A. Rubinstein

Czar at age when he inherited throne

Home of Mrs. C. Vanderbilt, New York

Elswick -- Finishing Big Guns

Kuehne Beveridge / photo by Bain News Service.


Theo. Roosevelt Jr.

Emma Lucy Gates

Mrs. Ernest Elliot Brown

Capt. Fritz in field uniform

Count Konrad V. Zeppelin & wife

HANSA flag

Grace C. Strachan

Curtis Guild Jr

Philip Snowden


John W. Hutchinson, Jr

G. Gandella

Mothers and children, Edgewater-Creche, Bryson Nursery

Olga Petrova

Mrs. George Law

Gen. Geronimo Trevino (oval portrait by B. Lopez) B. Lopez


Fannie Hurst

Criterion (band)

J.A. Trench, Capt. W. Goulding, Geo. Douglas and Capt. F. Gill




Ruth Draper

Dynamite victim at Morgue Landing, Balt

Lord Jellicoe

Wreck at Tye River, Va., Southern Ry

Miss Edith Gaynor

J. Coates

Gov. Stubbs, Frank Knox, and C.A. Palmer


Blair Shaw

M.L. Sullivan & wife in auto


Sen. Bacon, Georgia

Peace Epos'n Exhibition, Tokyo

Olga, ex-Queen of Greece

Galli Curci

Albert Einstein & wife


Mildred Gibson, White, N.Y. White

7th Regiment garden party. Governor's Island

Fred. Chirons

F.A. Heinze, cameo port

Discharge from Japanese Army

A.H. Harris, Pach Bros., N.Y. Pach Bros

Mrs. Herschel C. Parker

Dr. J.J. O'Connell

F.C. Drake


S.D. Fess, Ohio

Dr. Rucker, Ast. Surg. Gen

Mary Garden


Woodrow Wilson's home, Princeton

C.D. Gibson & wife

Lt. Floyd Bennett

Robbins Wilton

Colin H. Livingstone

Geo. Chanes


Mrs. G. Leo

Jean Patou


Frank L. Dershem, Pa

Tompkins Sq., Public Playgrnd

A. Ghutter, F.S. Hastings, Miss May Finley, Mrs. C. Harmon, Colgate Hoyt, Dr. Arnold, May Bird, E.C. Benedict (2 others)

Irene Bordoni

O.M. Lanstrum

Mrs. Smith H. McKim (Mrs. A.G. Vanderbilt) seated

Arnold Shanklin

Mrs. Augusta Stetson, cameo portrait

Annette Kellerman

Gen. Fitscheff

Nathan Miller

W.L. MacKenzie King

Natalie Hammond

Werner Kraus

French at Wilhelm I statue, Essen

Lord Rob't Cecil

Hugo L. Black


Count Vay de Vaya

R. Amundsen

C.G. Dawes

Alice Stone Blackwell