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Boarding Gemini VIII

Woman working on an airplane motor at North American Aviation, Inc., plant in Calif.

Aviators Now Clamor For Expense Money

[Airplane over a town at night]

Col. A. Miller, Lt. E.C. Kiel, Sgt. F.K. McKee

Studying aeroplane [i.e. airplane] rudder

Mars. Aeroplane

Paulhan and Hamilton aeroplanes in flight, Los Angeles

Col. Archie Miller, Benedict Crowell, Lt. Ross Kirkpatrick, Gen. Wm. Mitchell, Sgt. E.N. Bruce

Latham aeroplane, on flying field

Lt. O. Locklear

Lesh trying his aeroplane

Lt. W.D. Coney

Delagrange in his aeroplane

Return of Naval aviators

D.L. Mabley and aeroplane

T.O.M. Sopwith -- Airplane

Hot coffee for aviators, Mineola

L.G. Bergdoll's aeroplane in hangar

J.C. Mars in Curtiss Aeroplane

Lt. Com. Mitscher & Lt. Barin Landing

Lt. Com. Byrd and "Air-Raft"

Sgt. J.M. Biedenback, Sgt. Hoffman, Sgt. Bealle, Sgt. Chapman, Sgt. McNally, Lt. W.J. Reed, Maj. J.G. Thornell, Capt. Dale Mabry

Harmon aeroplane

Lt. Com. Byrd and aircraft

Lt. John A. MacReady

Aeroplane in flight

Curtiss-Herring aeroplane, on field

Louis Bleriot, 1872-1936

Paulham's aeroplane

Clifford B. Harmon. Seated in airplane.

Graham White's i.e., Claude Grahame-White's aeroplane

McCurdy aeroplane

Lt. W.D. Coney & Spec. DH - 4B Army plane

British aviators consulting

Paul Borguis in Bousson Borguis aeroplane

Lt. Lowell H. Smith and Sgt. Harvey

At Nice, dragging aeroplane of Rawlinson from the sea

Cooley aeroplane

Delagrance and his aeroplane

A.B. Thaw

L.J. Bergdoll's aeroplane in hangar

Lt. E.W. Bagnell

Paulhan in aeroplane greets his wife in a balloon, both in flight

Hamilton in Aeroplane

Lt. Lester J. Maitland

Lt. Russell L. Maughan

F.K. Lane, Jr.

Lt. H.G. Crocker

Lt. O. Locklear

World Cruiser airplane

Aviators, Mineola

Lind Painter in a "Sommer" - aeroplane

Eshault-Pelterie aeroplane, in flight

W.H. Barling, Gen. Wm. Mitchell, Maj. Martin, Maj. A.S. Robins, Mr. Carisi, Lt. Dickman, Lt. Blackburn

Lt. L.J. Maitland

Harmon in aeroplane

Aeroplane Bousson Borguis driven by Paul Borguis

Gen. Patrick, Lt. Smith, Lt. Arnold

Jap[anese] army aviators flew 2800 kilo to Choshun

Lt. Pelletier D'Oisy & Mech. Besin

Bleriot aeroplane

Capt. O.J. Golden, L.G. McConkie, Lt. M.J. Cross

Aviators practicing telegraphy

Arrival Moissant's aeroplane

Return of Naval aviators

Aviators on Cunard Pier

Col. A. Miller, Lt. E.C. Kiel, Sgt. F.K. McKee

Lt. W.D. Coney

Lt. O. Locklear

Crowd on field, around Curtiss and aeroplane, Mineola, L.I

[Louis Blériot at the helm of his monoplane, furnished with "automatic" motor of 50 h.p.]

J.C. Mars in Curtiss Aeroplane

Lefebure aeroplane, in flight

Mme. Franck

Lt. W.R. Taylor in an S.V.A.

Lt. Com. Byrd and "Air-Raft"

Gigli and Lt. Fitzgibbons

Bleriot and aeroplane on flying field at Dover

Henri Salvet

Capt. W.C. Schauffler Jr. [& Lt. F.A. Tillman]

Mr. and Mrs. Bleriot, aeroplane, crowd, on field, Dover

Baron Pierre de Gaters at wheel of aeroplane

Frank Stanton

W.E. Kline, "Trixie" (dog) & Lt. B.W. Maynard

Paulhan aeroplane taking off, Los Angeles, Calif

De la Rue aeroplane (Ferber's), in flight

Lt. Cameraman and Lt. Vuilerms

Lt. Leigh Wade & Sgt. Ogden

Lt. O. Locklear

Delagrange in his aeroplane

Bernasconi aeroplane

Brauner and Smith aeroplane, on ground

Aeroplane "Loon" at pier

Claire Ogden, giving watch to Lt. W.C.F. Brown

Aviators at Pittsburgh; Aug. Post, Mars and wife, Curiss and wife, Baldwin and Judge M. Wheeler

W.E. Kline & Lt. B.W. Maynard

[Claude] Grahame-White's wrecked machine towed back, Bain News Service / Bain News Service

Meyer & LT. H.D. Norris

H.J. Meyer & Lt. H.D. Norris