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U.S.S. Chicago, one of the crew

[Title page illustration for La pyrotechnie showing columns, arches, a huge fire emanating from a cauldron, cannons and cannon barrels of various sizes, as well as flaming cannon balls]

[Illustration for chapter one of L'art de jetter les bombes showing a man standing amid artillery shooting cannon balls]

[Tools necessary to prove and load guns]

Elevation of a truck-carriage [and] plan of a truck carriage

Amunition waggon

Elevation of a powder cart [and] plan of a powder cart

Gin - engine for drawing the fuzes out of the shell - box with grapeshot - section of a petard

Pontoon carriage

Attaque de Brimstomhill dessiné par le Paon peintre de S. a S. Mgr. le Prince de Condé ; gravé par N. Ponce Graveur de Mgr. Comte d'Artois

Siege du Fort S. Philippe dessiné par le Paon peintre de S.A.S. Mgr. le Prince de Conde ; gravé par Godefroy de l'Academie Imperiale et Royale de Vienne &c

[Bunker Hill]

Bombardment of Vera Cruz. March 25th 1847 lith. & pub. by N. Currier

Charge of the light cavalry brigade, 25th Oct. 1854, under Major General the Earl of Cardigan / W. Simpson delt. ; E. Walker lith.

U.S. Gun Boat "Fanny"

Cohorn [sic]

[Map of Battlefield--gun and troop placement]

[Two sketches: Stonemans battery opens. The gunboat porter?]

Where the soldiers destroyed rebel battery

Ft. Monroe [Gunnery?]

A soldier's wife at Fort Niagara / engd. by T. Walker.

[Soldiers preparing for battle]

Camp of R.I. Regiment

[Sharpshooter covering artillery men]

[A Cannon]

Rodman 10 pounder field piece

Castle Pinkney [sic]

Taylor's Dam on the Rappahannock

Lt. Raphael

[Group of civilians near monument]

Fort Pillow ?, Tenn.

8 inch barbette in battery

Fort Brady [i.e. Fort Carroll]

Fort Johnson, Charleston Harbor, S.C. Fort Sumter in distance

Fort Carroll, Wash., D.C.

Salute of 161 guns

Battery at Annapolis, Md.

Ft. Brady, Interior

Advance of the Army towards Lewinsville

[Mounted guns and ammunition around the perimeter of a fort, and tents in the background]

Potomac River, Sept. 31st, 1861

Interior of Fort Marion, Saint Augustine, Florida

Ft. Carroll, Wash., D.C.

[Union soldiers stand around a mounted cannon at a fort]

Fort Putnam, previously Confederate Battery Gregg, Morris Island, S.C.

Fort Johnson, Charleston Harbor, S.C. Fort Sumter in the distance

Capt. Smith, 2nd N.Y. Artillery, Ft. Ward

[Union soldiers and three mounted cannons inside a fort]

[Three sketches including "Arrival of Zouaves," city or town street, and a soldier]

[Two scenes near Mechanicsville]

Harrisons landing

Interior of Redoubt No 3--Fair Oaks

Harrisons landing-line

Battery No. 1, near Yorktown, Virginia / negative by Wood & Gibson ; positive by A. Gardner.

Battery of thirty-two pounders, Fredericksburgh, May 3, 1863

Quaker gun in Annandale

Nr Fort Steadman [sic]

Grant's Great Campaign--Stevens's Battery at Cold Harbor.

14 Mass heavy Arty

Lt. Porter tries spherical case, and shell

Trenches, Petersburg

Mortar dictator in front of Petersburg / negative by David Knox ; positive by A. Gardner.

Battle of Res[a]ca

Union artillery at Petersburg

Confederates dragging guns up Kenesaw

"Powder monkey" on U.S.S. New Hampshire, off Charleston, S.C.

After the mine Petersburg

Right Sect & 3rd N.Y. Capt. Ashby 20 pdnr.

Grant's great campaign--Stevens's battery at Cold Harbor / from a sketch by A.R. Waud.

Casemated Field Work in the Union Siege lines at Petersburg

Battle at Black River, M[ar]ch 16th, 65

The ruins of the 600 lb. Blakely Gun, Frazier's Wharf, Charleston, S.C., exploded by the rebels at the time of the evacuation

Wreck of Blakely gun on the Frazer's wharf, Charleston, S.C.

East Battery, Charleston, S.C. looking north, showing ruins of the 600 lb. Blakely Gun

Rebel gun in front of "Fort Hell," April 1865

Interior view of Castle Pinckney, Charleston Harbor, S.C. City in the distance

Fort C.F. Smith, Co. L, 2d New York Artillery

White-house review

View of Fort Sumpter (i.e. Sumter). On the parapet, overlooking the harbor

View in water battery, James River, Va.--Ready to fire

Interior views of Fort Moultrie, Charleston, S.C., April, 1865

Dismantling of the rebel forts after the storming of Petersburgh (i.e. Petersburg), Va.

Park of captured guns at Rocketts, Richmond, Va.

Captured guns at Richmond ready for transportation to Washington, May, 1865

Bombardment von Paris / L.R.

[Artillery hold in the Imperial Ironclad Corvette, Feth-i Bülend] / Constantinople, Abdullah Frères.

[The artillery exercises of the Osmaniye]

[The artillery practice on the Imperial Ironclad Corvette, Feth-i Bülend] / Constantinople, Abdullah Frères.

[The artillery practice aboard the Imperial Ironclad Corvette, Necm-i Şevket] / Constantinople, Abdullah Frères.

[The deck of the Imperial Ironclad Corvette, Necm-i Şevket] / Constantinople, Abdullah Frères.

Light battery

U.S.S. Vesuvius, barrels of dynamite guns

U.S.S. Vesuvius, barrels of dynamite guns

U.S.S. Vixen, 1-pound gun

U.S.S. Detroit, ship's company

Blowing from guns in British India / painted by Vassili Verestchagin.

U.S.S. Richmond, gun deck

[U.S.S. Kentucky]

U.S.S. Kentucky

Right dress -- shoulder to shoulder, ye devils -- close up