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God Seated on the World

Circe and and Companions of Ulysses

Holy Family

Revenge of Nauplins

Marching Slingers

Jupiter and Antiope

God Seated on the World

Landscape from "Venus Pushing Cupid" frame

Hercules and Iole

God Seated on the World

A Sibyl

The Muses at the Foot of Mt. Parnassus

Circe and the Companions of Ulysses

A Battle

Circe and the Companions of Ulysses

Cadmus Tilling the Field Where He Sawed the Dragon's Teeth

Hercules and Cacus

Jesus Washing the Feet of the Disciples


Marching Troops with Shields

Ignorance Defeated

Melpomene, from the Mattei sarcophagus, Rome

Meleager Bringing the Boar's Head to Atalanta

Burning of a Cadaver


Achilles Bidding Farewell to the Daughters of Lycodemus

Ignorance Defeated

Woman Turned to the Right

The Dispute Between Neptune and Athena

Ornament with a Small Empty Oval

A Sacrifice

The Elephant with the Fleur de Lys

Emperor addressing his Soldiers



Silenus Carried by Two Attendants of Bacchus

Frame of Ignorance Defeated

Burning of a male corpse surrounded by dressed and undressed figures in a stepped architectural setting

Banquet of Scipio

Fortune Making a Prince Drink

Silenus Carried

Landscape with Ornamental Frame

Woman Full Face, Her Head Slightly to the Left


Jupiter Sending the Three Goddesses to the Judgment of Paris


Venus and Nymphs Bathing

Iris, Neptune, and Sleep

The Fall of Phaeton

The Daughters of Minyas

A Cryptoportico

Muse on a pedestal standing in frontal view and holding a double flute

Sibyl seated before an open book upon which she rests her left hand, she twists her face away from the book and holds a vessel in her right hand