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Salley Maria Thompson to Martha Randolph, no date, Silhouettes of Two Women

Norfolk, Virginia, no date, Resolution on Steamboat Line

Unknown, no date, Le Portrait (poem)

Unknown, no date, Maid (poem)

William Chatham, no date, Extract of Statement on Falkland Islands Debate

Hepburn, no date, Estimates on Building Timbers

Unknown, no date, In Times of Yore (poem)

John Blair Linn, no date, Memory of (elegy)

William L. Maitland, no date, Eastern Argus (poem)

Unknown to Senate, no date

Schweighauser & Dobree, no date, Cover Sheet for Case

Unknown, no date, Law on Capture of War Vessels

J. Randolph, no date, A Scottish Highland Song

Unites States Commerce, , Notes on the Northern States

Congress, , Draft Bill Regarding the Awarding of Prizes

Judith Lomax, no date, Monticello (poem)

George W. Randolph to Martha Randolph, no date

Moore, no date, Sweetest Love (poem)

Pennsylvania Colony Laws and Statutes, 1652-92, List of "Acts of the Politinate and Lords"

Boston in New England. August 9th 1667. The Governour, deputy-governour and sundry of the magistrates. Being assembled, do judge meet to comment to their beloved brethren and neighbours the inhabitants of this colony this following proposed ...

At a General Court held at Boston in New England the second day of October 1678. [A proclamaton for a day of fasting and prayer November 21, 1678] [Cambridge, Printed by Samuel Green 1678].

A relation of Captain Bull, concerning the Mohawks at Fort-Albany, May 1689. [Boston: Printed by Samuel Green, 1689].

To the king and queens most excellent majesties. The humble address of the president and council for the safety of the people, and conservation of the peace. [Regarding restoration of charter and English liberties] Boston in New-England, May 20,

By His Excellency Benjamin Fletcher, Captain General and Governor in Chief of their Majesties Province of New-York, Province of Pennsylvania, County of New-Castle, and the Territories and tracts of land depending theron in America, and vice-admi

State of Georgia. By His Excellency Captain-General, Governor, and commander in chief in and over the said State, and of the militia thereof. To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting: Know ye, that in pursuance of the act for opening t

Pennsylvania, ss. I Prothonotary of the Supream Court of the Province of Pennsylvania, do hereby certify, that at a Supream Court held at Philadelphia, for the said Province of Pennsylvania, the day of in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven

Hints to Elder Pottle, on the necessity of mortifying the deeds of the body:-- By Jonathan Plummer, a travelling preacher, physician, poet and trader. [17- ].

To the Whigs of 1776. Fellow citizens. You cannot but remember the cry in favor of the "men of 1776" which has continuously been kept up by the Democratic party, and which now again begins to be revived ... An old solder. [n. p. n. d.].

Virginia, Marylandia et Carolina in America septentrionali Brittannorum industria excultæ

By the Honourable John Nanfan, Esq; His Majesties Lieut Governour and Commander in chief in and over the Province of New York ... A proclamation. Whereas I have thought fit, upon mature deliberation, to dissolve the late Assembly ... believed it

An ordinance of His Excellency Edward Lord Cornbury, Capt. General and Governour in chief of the Province of New York ... For suspending the proceedings of the High Court of Chancery of the Province of New York. Given at Fort William Henry in Ne

By His Excellency. Edward Lord Cornbury, Capt, General and Governour in Chief of the Province of New York ... A proclamation. Whereas the inhabitants of this Province, by their immortalities and prophaneness have provoked Almighty God to anger a

By His Excellency, Joseph Dudley, Esq. Captain general and governour in chief, in and over Her Majesties Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, &c. in New-England. A proclamation. Whereas Her Majesty by Her royal proclamation for settling and ascert

By his Excellency, Joseph Dudley, Esq. Captain general and governour in chief, in and over Her Majesties Province of Massachusetts-Bay, &c. in New-England. A proclamation for the better regulation of seamen and marines … Boston. Printed by Barth

Advertisement. Whereas there was an advertisement in the Boston News Letter the 4th & 11th days of this instant October, giving notice to the subscribers in the partnership for circulating bills or notes, founded on land-security, for meeting on

Words of Consolation to Mr. Robert Stetson & Mrs. Mary Stetson, his wife on the death of their son Isaac Stetson, who perished in the mighty waters November 7th, 1718. Aged 22. [1718].

By His Excellency Samuel Shute, Esq. Captain Ganeral and Govenour in chief in and over His Majesty’s Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England. &c. a proclamation [to apprehend seven escaped transported felons] Given under my hand … in Bo

James Madison to Unknown.

Bill of Exchange for James Madison.

To James Madison. Envelope.

James Madison to Engelbrecht.

Poem - "Hints to Young Statesmen".

Charles II of Eng-Netherlands Treaty. Copy of an extract of a treaty between Charles II of England and the Netherlands. Original from Feb. 7, 1667.

William Taylor to James Madison.

John May. Plat, Survey on Ohio River.

Pennsylvania Counties election returns.

By the Honourable William Dummer, Esq; Lieut Governor & commander in chief, in & over His Majesty’s Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New England a proclamation for apprehending John Pittman. Boston: Printed by B. Green Printer to His Hon. Th

New York Mayor's Court. William Trusdell against Francis Harison, Esq. For arresting, imprisoning and keeping the Plaintif Ten weeks in prison, at the suit of Joseph Weldon, without authority ... [Dated New York, August 25th, 1733].

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Import of Brandy Note Fragment

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Notes on Virginia Constitution

Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Waterhouse, December 25,

Thomas Jefferson, no date, List of Names

Thomas Jefferson, , Comments on Election Effect

Thomas Jefferson to Unknown, no date, Fragment

Unknown to Thomas Jefferson,

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Notes on Snuff Manufacture

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Calculations on Architecture and Timber

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Notes on Spanish Relations

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Notes on City Sewer Stoppers

Thomas Jefferson to Ellen Wayles Rand Coolidge, no date

James Wilkinson to Thomas Jefferson, no date, Summary of Letter

Thomas Jefferson, no date, List of Salaries of Public Officials

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Short Book List on America

American Academy of Arts and Sciences to Martha Randolph, October 27, , Invitation to Tribute to Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Note on Financial Transactions

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Notes on Elements of Ideology

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Dollar Equivalents in Foreign Currencies

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Decimal System Weights and Measures

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Form Letter for Dinner Invitation

Thomas Jefferson, December 27, , List of Correspondence

Thomas Jefferson to Nicholas Lewis, , Extracts from Memorandums

Thomas Jefferson, , Itinerary and Map of Trip from Washington, D. C. to Stevensburg

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Drawing of Nail Machine

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Notes on West Indies

Ferdinando Fairfax to Thomas Jefferson, no date

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Notes on Clock Design

Thomas Jefferson, , Chart of the Cabinet

Thomas Jefferson, no date, Meringues Recipe

[Arms] By His excellency Benning Wentworth, Esq; Captain-General and Governour in chief, in and over His Majesty's province of New-Hampshire, in New England. A proclamation. Whereas the Gen-Assembly of this Province, upon due consideration of th

A brief journal of the taking of Cape-Breton, put in metre, by L. G. one of the soldiers of the expedition. Anno Domini, 1745.

At a great and General court of Assembly for the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, begun and held at Boston the 27th day of May 1747, and continued by adjournment and prorogation to the 3d of February following. March 2d 1747 [-48] The followin

A poem, on the joyful news of the Rev. Mr. Whitefield’s visit in Boston. Dedicated to all the true friends of such “an examplary Christian, fine gentleman and accomplished orator, who has discover’d in some late sermons such a deep insight into

Notice is hereby given to such persons as have received beating orders from His Excellency Governour Shirley, to raise men for the defence of His Majesty’s colonies in North America, and have not made return of the inlistments of the men they ha

Mr. [blank] You being a training soldier in the Company of militia under the command of [blank] are hereby required in His Majesty’s name, to appear at your colours upon Thursday the 22d current [blank] at nine o’clock in the morning, on the sec

Waller, et ux, versus Beverley, 1757, Summary of Law Case

Anno Regni Georgii II. tricesimo primo. Levying of soldiers. An act passed by the great and general court of assembly of His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England: begun and held at Boston, upon Wednesday the twenty-fifth da

At a General Assembly of the Governor and Company of his Majesty's Colony of Connecticut, holden at New-Haven, on the second Thursday of October, 1758 [Complaint to be made against soldiers who refuse to join troops for present campaign]. [New-H

Questiones pro modulo discutiendae sub Reverendo D. Edvardo Holyoke, Collegij-Harvardimi quod est divina providentia Canabrigiae, Nov-Anglorum praeside. In Comitiis publicis a Laureae magistralis candidatis, Decimo-quinto calendarum sextili MDCC

February 24th, 1759. To the Honorable Francis Fauquier, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant-governor, and Commander in chief, of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the Council. [Williamsburg: Printed by William Hunter, 1759] [N

Questiones pro modulo discutiendae sub Reverendo D. Edvardo Holyoke, collegij-Harvardni quod est divina providentia Cantabrigiae, Nov-Anglorum praeside. In comitiis publicis a Laureae Magistralis conditatis, Idibus quintilibus MDCCLXI.

Thomas Jefferson, 1762, Notes on Church Laws

Thomas Jefferson, 1762, Table of Runic and Gothic Alphabets

At a meeting of the freeholders and other inhabitants of the Town of Boston, legally qualified and warned, in public town-meeting, assembled at Faneuil-Hall on Monday the 21st day of April AnnoDomini 1766. Voted that the selectmen be desir’d, wh

By His Excellency Francis Bernard, Esq; Captain-General and Governor in Chief, in and over His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, and vice-admiral of the same. A proclamation for a general thanksgiving … appoint Thursday

Thomas Jefferson, 1767-73, Opinion on Mrs. Philemon Snell Law Case Regarding Rawser Spicer Estate

A new and true relation, of a little girl in the County of Hartford, at Salmon-Brook in Simsbury who acted in a strange manner supposed to be bewitch’d, in March 1763. Boston Printed and sold [By John Kneeland] at the Head of Milk-Street. 1766.

In the year 1766 the settlers upon the New Hampshire Grants on the west side of the Green Mountains, appointed Samuel Robinson, Esq. of Bennington their agent to state to the King and Council of Great Britain the illegal and unjust proceedings o

Virginia Colony Councilmen, Burgesses and Representatives of the Virginia Colony to George III of England, April 14, 1768, Petition Against Taxation by Great Britain; Repeal of Stamp Act

The life and dying speech of Arthur, a negro man who was executed at Worcester, October 20th 1768. For a rape committed on the body of one Deborah Metcalfe. Boston: Printed and sold in Milk-Street 1768.

New York, June 23, 1769. To the publick. As I have justly incurred the resentment of my fellow citizens, from my behaviour, as set forth in an advertisement, Of great importance to the publick; I beg leave to implore the pardon of the publick, a