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Untitled (Native American in buffalo headdress)

[Mapa del Golfo y costa de la Nueva España : desde el Río de Panuco hasta el cabo de Santa Elena ...].

[The dances at their great feasts]

[How they cook their fish] / T.B.

[The tomb of the weroans]

[How the chief ladies of the town of Dasamonquepeio dress and carry their children] / T.B.

[Indian seated in hut]

[An old man in his winter clothes] / T.B.

[A noblewoman of Pomeiock] / T.B.

[A weroans, or chieftain, of Virginia]

[How they build boats] / T.B.

[The Englishmen's arrival in Virginia]

[How they catch fish]

Their manner of fishing in Virginia

[The town of Pomeiock] / T.B.

[Killing alligators]

[The queen-elect is brought to the king]

[Exercises of the youths]

[How the Natives collect gold in the streams]

[The French arrive in Florida]

[Trophies and ceremonies after a victory]

Gallorum ad Maij flumen navigatio

[Exercises of youth]

[A fortified village]

The Natives of Florida worship the column erected by the commander on his first voyage

[The widows approach the chief]

The women and children [nude Indians] eat the intestines of the killed prisoner

Johannes Lerii's account of the description of the method the Indians use for "barbecuing" human flesh

Johannes Staden tries to swim to a French boat in order to escape, but the French do not accept him because they fear the anger of the Indians

Johannes Staden helps to defend the Indians who captured him against the Tuppin Tkins

Johannes Staden being kept prisoner on San Maro by Indians

Johannes Staden goes to war with the Indians

The Tuppin Ikin Indians fight the Tuppin Inwa, who are holding Johannes Staden prisoner, at Boywassu Kange

Battle between Portuguese and Indians and Garasu near the harbor of Marin

Torture of the prisoner [by nude Indians]

Johannes Lerii's account of Caraibes Indians with rattles dancing and smoking pipes

[Illustrations of Johannes Staden's description of the Tuppin Inwa Indians: The typical compound of the Tuppin Inwa (prisoner being tortured)]

Johannes Lerii's account of Indians persecuted by demons whom they call Kaagerre

[Illustrations of Johannes Staden's description of the Tuppin Inwa Indians: European prisoners being fried and eaten by the Tuppin Inwa]

Ceremonies used when killing enemies and eating these. Methods of killing and treating the enemy [by nude Indians]

[Columbus landing on Hispaniola, Dec. 6, 1492; greeted by Arawak Indians]

[Indians greeting Francis Drake]

[Florida Indians, disguised under deerskins, hunting deer]

[A method of hunting deer in the Northeast]

[How the Spanish were welcomed by the Indians]

[Sir Samuel Argall with the Eichodomine Indians, Virginia, 161-]

[2 illus. of warfare of Canadian Indians]

[4 illus. of Indians: warrior in armor; woman grinding maize; woman wearing ornamental chains and necklaces; woman holding baby and ear of corn]

[2 illus. of warfare of Canadian Indians]

[Bird's-eye view of a Native American deer hunt in New France (Canada), showing Indians driving deer towards fences into narrow enclosure to be killed, and two dead deer hanging from bent trees]

[Four Native American Indians of New France (Canada): two men at top in war attire, with shield, bow, and arrows; mother holding paddle and nursing infant; and men clothed for winter, wearing snowshoes]

[Map of Straits of Magellan, showing Patagonian Indians greeting Dutchmen; penguin]

[Native American burial or memorial ceremony with man standing by shelter with bundles of bones, friends and relatives of the dead, and lodge in background, New France (Canada)]

[Ship of Dutch navigator Willem Cornelis Schouten (1567?-1625) being greeted by Patagonian Indians at Cape Horn, Chile, 1616]

[Map of northern coast of S. America, showing mouths of Amazon and Orinoco rivers. Illus. with dwellings, boats, animals; Indians killing boa]

The figure of the Indians' fort or palizado in New England and the manner of the destroying it by Captayne Underhill and Captayne Mason / RH.

[Indians hunting fowl]

[Murder of the missionaries by the Indians]

The Mississippi /

The Indians marching upon a visit, onto a feast. Lacenta, his lady, [and] attendants


["Building of the Griffin," Canada, ca. 1690]

[Map of the several nations of Indians to the Northwest of South Carolina].

[Native American mortuary customs: row of Indians carrying bodies over their shoulders to fires, platform with skeletons hanging above and bones below on benches, and groups of Indians standing around fires and poles hung with cloth or skins]

[Native Americans collecting sap and cooking maple syrup in pots, tilling soil into raised humps, and sowing seeds, North America]

[Découverte d'une trahison dans Mauvila]

[De Quelle maniere Tascaluça reçut General]

[Bird's-eye view of Boston, Massachusetts, with two vignettes of Natives hunting] / J. Turner, Boston, sculpt.

Carte particulière d'une partie de la Louisianne ou les fleuve et rivierres [i.e. rivières] onts etés relevé a l'estime & les routtes [i.e. routes] par terre relevé & mesurées aux pas, par les Srs. Broutin, de Vergés, ingénieurs & Saucier dessinateur /

[View of Boston] / J. Turner.

[Arms] By the Honourable James Hamilton, Esq; Lieutenant-Governor, and Commander in Chief, of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Countues of Newcastle, Kent and Sussex, on Delaware. A proclamation [Warning Squatters to leave Indian lands west of

[Arms] By the Honourable James Hamilton, Esq; Lieutenant-Governor, and Commander in Chief, of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Countues of Newcastle, Kent and Sussex, on Delaware. A proclamation [Warning Squatters to leave Indian lands west of

Le transport du grand soleil

Austenaco, great warrior, Commander in Chief of the Cherokee Nation

A New humorous song, on the Cherokee chiefs Inscribed to the ladies of Great Britain : To the tune of, Caesar and Pompey were both of the horned / / by H. Howard.

A general map of the country on the Ohio and Muskingham showing the situation of the Indian-towns with respect to the Army under the command of Colonel Bouquet March of His Majesty's troops from Fort Pitt to the forts of Muskingham in 1764 / / Tho. Hutchins.

A sachem of the Abenakee Nation rescuing an English officer from the Indians

A plan of part of the rivers Tombecbe, Alabama, Tensa, Perdido, & Scambia in the province of West Florida; with a sketch of the boundary between the nation of upper Creek Indians and that part of the province which is contigious thereto, as settled at the congresses at Pensacola in the years 1765 & 1771.

[America, 1771 - title page ornamentation showing Native wearing skirt made of feathers in tropical scene with alligator and palm trees]

[Cartouche showing allegory on America] / G.F. Lotter sculps.

[America, 1772 - title page ornamentation showing Native wearing skirt made of feathers pointing to a map of America] / Iacob Christoph Weÿerman inv. et delin. ; Martin Gottfried Cophius, sculps.

Broadside of Revolutionary War period: Tea Destroyed by Indians

"Tea destroyed by Indians"

A map of the north west parts of America, with the utmost respect, inscrib'd to His Excellency, Sir Guy Carleton, Knight of the Bath: Captain General and Governor of the province of Quebec: General and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's forces in the said province, and frontiers thereof. &c. &c. &c.,

Plan of the city of New York, in North America: surveyed in the years 1766 & 1767

[A Tory and a patriot wrestle for a pine tree banner while an Native watches] / Patas sculp.

A map of the inhabited part of Canada ... with the frontiers of New York and New England ... by Claude Joseph Sauthier / engraved by Wm. Faden, 1777.

Plan of part of western front.

Mappa totius mundi / Mattheaus Albrecht Lotter sculpsit Aug. V.

A new and accurate map of the province of Georgia in North America.

[Allegorical cartouche showing West Indians harvesting cane, a Native woman breast feeding an infant, and cherubs]

[Allegorical cartouche showing a Native man with European men]

[Allegorical cartouche showing a Native man with harpoon and a European man with two Natives in a tropical setting]

Sauvage du NO. de la Louisiane

[A Native warrior on the cartouche for "Map for the Interior Travels through America, delineating the March of the Army"] / T. Conder, sculpsit.

An Indian warrior entering his wigwam with a scalp / Barlow, sc.

[Title page of narrative of the captivity and suffering of Benjamin Gilbert and his family who were surprised by the Indians and taken from their farms, on the frontier of Pennsylvania, in the Spring of 1780]

[Frontispiece portrait of Mico Chlucco, the Long Warrior, or King of the Seminoles and title page of Travels through North & South Carolina] / W. Bartram, Delin. ; J. Trenchard, sculp.

U.S. Reports: Duncan v. Walker, 2 U.S. (2 Dall.) 205 (1793)

[Indians dancing around two people at stake by fire] / S. Folwell, delt. ; P.R. Maverick, sct. N.Y.