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Netherlands Institute of Military History Photo

Woman working on an airplane motor at North American Aviation, Inc., plant in Calif.

Puerto Rico, Grumman

Puerto Rico 1939, Junior Birdsmen

[Airmen and women with Grumman G-21 Goose, Puerto Rico]

Puerto Rico 1939, Gov. Leahy

Passengers on a Pan Am Boeing 307

[Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress, Mt. Rainier]

[Waist Gunner in Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, World War II]

[Tail Gunner in Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, World War II]

San Diego Air and Space Museum Photos

B-58 Bottom View

Puerto Rico 1939, Gov. Leahy

Student pilot Jean McRae of Homosassa: Tallahassee, Florida

Dawn Patrol (B-25s)

[U.S. Flight Navigator, Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, World War II]

Boeing Flying Fortress

[Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar, James S. Abercrombie Company]

[Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar, Banking in Flight, James S. Abercrombie Company]

Near Logan Airport - Airplane Coming in for a Landing Over Neptune Road Homes

X-15 #2 just after launch

[Airplane over a town at night]

Allmänna Konst- och Industriutställningen 1897."Ballongen klar för flygning. Andre fr. vänster Oscar Halldin och andre fr. höger danske luftseglaren Johansen".

CHICAGO (plane)

Studying aeroplane [i.e. airplane] rudder

At start of plane mail service

World Cruiser airplane

T.O.M. Sopwith -- Airplane

Deseronto Archive Photos

Sundstedt plane

Junkers 'plane

Louis Bleriot, 1872-1936

Army plane and Cotton Duster

Clifford B. Harmon. Seated in airplane.

Coming ashore from naval plane

Emily Schaefer in plane

A.B. Thaw

Christmas plane

Caproni & his plane

Lt. E.W. Bagnell

Mail 'plane

Return of scout plane

F.K. Lane, Jr.

Vernon Castle

L. J. Bergdoll

World Cruiser airplane

Stratton and Norris in plane

C. Murvin Wood

Segurola, Staracciacari and plane

Righting an overturned plane -- France

Clifford B. Harmon. Seated in airplane

LANGLEY carrying 14 planes

Sundstedt plane

Veneer and Plywood Making - Maryland

Vernon Castle

Henri Salvet

Navy Boeing Patrol Plane PB - 1

Mummert plane

Engine of Bleriot machine

U.S. Army plane, Mt. Clemens

Vernon Castle

Dayton - Wright plane

R. Clifford Durant

Interior of Junkers 'plane

Engine of Bleriot

Sundstendt plane

Deseronto Archive Photos

Navy Boeing Patrol Plane PB - 1

CHICAGO (plane)

Grupp på Borganäs krocketplan. Den 25 augusti 1901.

The Wright Brothers' First Heavier-than-air Flight

[Distant view of the Wright airplane just after landing, taken from the starting point, with wing-rest in center of picture and launching rail at right. This flight, the fourth and final of December 17, 1903, was the longest: 852 feet covered in 59 seconds.]

Langley's steam model airplane

Ritning av trafikplanprojekt

[Airplanes on airfield]

Ritning av trafikplanprojekt

Airplane of 1909

[E. Lillian Todd standing with her airplane]

The collapsed Wright airplane photographed just after it struck the ground...

Women in airplanes: Mr. & Mrs. Wagner

O. Wright flying in his airplane, crowd on field

Pischoff aeroplane

G.H. Curtiss winning Scientific American Trophy with aeroplane "June Bug," driven by a Curtiss Motor, Hammondsport, N.Y., July 4, 1908

O. Wright flying [in his airplane, crowd on field]

Pischoff aeroplane

O. Wright flying airplane

O. Wright flying [airplane]

The Wright airplane of 1909 at Ft. Myer, Va.

[The Silver Dart, one of the Aerial Experiment Association's early airplanes, in flight over the frozen Bras d'Or Lake on Cape Breton Island]


Men examining airplane engine

Eugène Lefebvre

[Exhibit of early aircraft, probably at Smithsonian Institution]


Curtiss and a competitor at 1st Gordon Bennett Race, Rheims, France

Louis Bleriot

Louis Bleriot

Orville Wright at start of flight, Fort Meyer [i.e. Myer], Va.

[Louis Blériot(?) on his airplane, surrounded by people]