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Neptune calming the tempest which Aeolus raised against Aeneas' fleet from Book I of the Aeneid

Wide-rimmed bowl with figures from Virgil's Aeneid

Wide-rimmed bowl with figures from Virgil's Aeneid

Juno, Seated on a Golden Throne, Asks Alecto to Confuse the Trojans (Aeneid, Book VI)

Helenus and Andromache Give Presents to Aeneas (Aeneid, Book III)

Pandarus and Bitias Fight the Rutuli Before the Trojan Camp (Aeneid, Book IX)

Turnus, Overwhelmed by the Trojans, Crosses the River to Return to His Companions (Aeneid, Book IX)

Nisus and Euryalus Surprise the Rutuli in their Camp (Aeneid, Book IX)

Aeneas Erects a Tomb to his Nurse, Caieta, and Flees the Country of Circe (Aeneid, Book VII)

The Fleet of Aeneas Arrives in Sight of Italy (Aeneid, Book III)

The Trojans Defend Their City; They Kill Androgeos (Aeneid, Book II)

Aeneas Departs from Carthage (Aeneid, Book IV)

Trojans Land Near Mount Etna; Beneath Lies the Giant Enceladus (Aeneid, Book III)

The Combat between Dares and Entellus (Aeneid, Book V)

The Fall of Troy; Helen Takes Refuge in the Sanctuary of Vesta; Venus Counsels Aeneas; Juno Encourages the Greeks (Aeneid, Book II)

Aeneas Builds a Fleet Near Antandrus, at the Foot of Mount Ida (Aeneid, Book III)

Aeneas and His Companions Sacrifice to the Gods before the Tomb of his Father, Anchises, in Sicily (Aeneid, Book V)

Aeneas Fleeing Troy with Anchises, Creusa, and Ascanias (Aeneid, Book II)

Venus in the Forge of Vulcan (Aeneid VIII: 370 ff)

Venus Disguised as a Huntress Appears to Aeneas (Aeneid I: 305 ff.)