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Déesse 16, rue Halévy, Paris / / PAL.

[Priskuranter]; [Bruksanvisningar]

Point arena california theatre, architecture buildings.

Advertisement. Whereas there was an advertisement in the Boston News Letter the 4th & 11th days of this instant October, giving notice to the subscribers in the partnership for circulating bills or notes, founded on land-security, for meeting on

Maps and prints sold and framed... / Dd. Lockley, sc.

Advertisement. To be sold by public vendue, on Thursday the 14th of April next, at the House of Abraham Post, Tavern Keeper, at Sagerties. Six thousand acres of land. Situate to the north of, and adjoining the line between the counties of Albany

To the public. Whereas advertisements were published yesterday to convene the inhabitants to take their sense on the expediency of a law to elect our representatives by ballot ... This is therefore to notify all the inhabitants of this City and

Advertisement. Rich Kip Junr., Upholsterer, at the State Bed New York

Advertisement. Rich Kip Junr., Upholsterer, at the State Bed New York

On Saturday next will be perform’d by a society of ladies and gentlemen, at Faneuil-Hall, the tragedy of Zara: the expences of the house being paid, the overplus will be apply’d to the benefit of the widows and children of the soldiers … The doo

Just imported, and to be sold by Joseph Greenough, Jun., at his cheapshop, a little below the Ferry-Way. Newbury-Port. [Two columns]. [Newburyport:] Printed by John Mycall, 1784.

Advertisement. The humane society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, actuated by the same benevolent disposition to mitigate the miseries, and preserve the lives of their fellow men ... Boston, January 3, 1788.

Military laboratory, at No. 34, Dock street near the Drawbridge, Philadelphia: where owners and commanders of armed vessels may be supplied, for either the use of small arms or cannon, at the shortest notice, with every species of military store

Charles C. Watson. taylor and habit-maker No. 93, Second street, between Chestnut and Walnut-streets. Philadelphia. March 28, 1792. [Philadelphia] Printed by Johnston and Justice. [1792].

Advertisement. By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias, to me directed, will be exposed to public sale, at the Court-House, in Norris-Town, in the County of Montgomery, on Wednesday, the 11th of November next, at Twelve o'Clock-four contiguous trac

Proposals for printing by subscription the miscellaneous works of David Humphreys ... It is requested that to the names of subscribers their titles, address and places of residence may be distinctly added ... addressed under cover to the Rev.d T

Edward Phalon. Wig and toupee manufacturer. ... New York [18-].

Société d'expériences aérostatiques Direction 24 rue Maubeuge, Paris.

Philadelphia, December 22, 1801. Elegant family Bible. with copious concordance. The flattering encouragement received by Mathew Carey, for his recent edition of the Bible, has induced him to lay before the public the following proposals for pub

Philadelphia, November 20, 1801. Elegant family Bible. Price seven dollars. Just published by Mathew Carey. an elegant edition of the Bible. in large quarto. [Philadelphia, Mathew Carey, 1801].

Francis Pic, in the rear of Colonel Gamble's store, on the Main Street, just arrived from Philadelphia, takes the liberty of informing the ladies and gentlemen of Richmond that he has for sale, an elegant assortment of millinery ... Richmond May

To rent, a three story house, on the main street in this City, few doors from the Courthouse. This house is well calculated to accomodate a genteel family, and is in complete repair. The terms may be known by application to John Beale. Richmond,

Francis Piatti, respectfully informs his friends, and the public in general, that he has for sale at his store, on the Main Street, at the corner of the street leading-to Coutts's Ferry below the market house, a general assortment of groceries .

Advertising circular noting that cases will be accepted against the government for loss of any property due to military action

Sellers & Pennock 231 High Street Philadelphia

Drake's Theatre broadside

Passage of the Delaware, in Dec. 25th, 1776, by the American troops under the command of General Washington

Reed and Stiles will execute bank notes and engraving of all kinds, in such a manner, and on such terms, as they think will give universal satisfaction. Orders thankfully received

Advertisement for an auction for land around Owensboro, Kentucky

Sportsmens depot established in 1826. John Krider, gun maker, dealer in fishing tackle and all kinds of sporting apparatus, N.E. corner 2nd & Walnut sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Notice: I hereby forewarn all persons against crediting my wife, Delilah McConnell ...

The Great Strasburg Clock - facsimile of the original Apostolic, Musical and Astronomical Clock

Great solar eclipse. To be seen every day at West's observatory, No. 7 Pear St. Philadelphia. NB No postponement on account of weather

Ravenswood. This thorough bred son of the famous imported Sir Harry, out of the imported Dutchess, whose pedigree is given below ... will stand the ensuing season, commencing on the 15th of March, and ending on the 1st of July, at Middleburg, in

Broadside advertisement for an estate sale in Nelson County, Kentucky

H.R. Robinson, 52 Courtland St. Caricatures & prints

The National calendar, and annals of the United States; for MDCCCXXXIV Vol. XII. Containing the names of all the officers and agents of the United States civil, military, and naval (except postmasters,) with their places of employment, compensat

[Trade advertisement for T. Palmer & Co. Looking glass and fancy hardware store, & importers of French and German looking glass plates, no. 108 Baltimore St. Baltimore] / lithog. designed & drawn by J. Penniman.

Advertisement. This is to give notice, that houses can be preserved from fires without great expense, by painting them with a composition lately discovered, which not only hinders them from being burned, but also extinguishes the flames ... The

Order of services at the Centennial celebration of Harvard University, on the 8th of September, 1836.

Texan universal pills. Prepared after a careful personal examination of the diseases incident to this climate, and with a particular reference to the health, comfort, and happiness of the citizens of this Republic. By James B. Gilman. Houston, 1

Slaughtering Sam'l Work; on his own hook. Alton, Ill's. The subscriber has erected a large and convenient house and pens, in the city of Alton, near Shields' Branch, for the purpose of carrying on the slaughtering and dressing of beef, hogs and

The Eugenie garter--Manufactured by the American Garter Company / Rae Smith lith. N.Y.

Farmer's! keep out of debt! The undersigned has made arrangements to purchase his entire stock of fall and winter goods in the eastern cities - and his groceries in New Orleans - and will sell for a less profit than has ever been done in this ma

To married women - Madame Restell, female physician

The philosopher's stone! Gold & silver plating, by the electro-magnetic apparatus ... Alton. Printed at the Telegraph Office [1840?].

O.N. Thacher, Hat, Cap & Fur Ware-House Wholesale & retail / / on stone by Jas. Queen. ; P.S. Duval, Lith. Phil.

American bank note company, Philadelphia, office 125 S. 5th St.

Trente jours de plaisirs. 1000 fr. de plaisirs pour 15 fr. Pour 50 centimes par jour, on pourra, pendant un mois, aller chaque jour a des théatres, bals, concerts, cirques, arènes, etc. / Mainster.

Slaughtering of beef and pork at Alton, Illinois ... Thornton & Kirby. Alton. Nov. 17, 1841. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office [1841].

New publication.. The true republican: containing the inaugural addresses, together with the first annual address and messages of all the presidents of the United States ... This work is well printed on good paper, and new type, 12 mo size; hand

New cheap store!! Boot, shoe & slipper manufactory ... Groceries, boots & shoes ... Sam'l Lesure. Alton, Sept. 15, 1841. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office [1841].

Farmers ---- look here. Wool carding. The undersigned wishes to inform the public in general, that he is now establishing himself in the above business, in the town of Upper Alton ... J. A. Montgomery, April, 1841. Alton. Printed at the "Telegra

J. L. Roberts, merchant tailor, has just returned from Philadelphia, where he has purchased a stock of cloths, &c ... Alton, October 1841. "Telegraph" --- Alton.

Mrs. Bird, female physician To the Ladies--Madame Costello.

Fulling, dying, and cloth dressing ... J. A. Montgomery. Nov. 1842. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office [1842].

Hogs! Cash! will be paid for the undersigned, for a few thousand head of corn-fed hogs, if delivered early in the season, at their packing-house, in Alton ... Hibbard, Echols, & Co. Alton, Oct. 28, 1843. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office

Best & cheapest book on the management of horses, mules, &c. By Denton Offutt. Mr. Denton Offut, will instruct persons in his peculiar method of gentling horses, mules, &c .... Washington, D. C. Wm. Greer, printer, corner of E and 10th streets 1

Royal amphitheatre, Dock-Green, Hull

J. & F.W. Ridgway, plumbers and hydraulic engineers, plumbers to the Croton Water Works, 145 Broadway, New York / drawn by J. Calwey.

Mr. Zadoc Porter, great great grand uncle of Dr. Porter

French periodical pills - Warranted to have the desired effect in all cases

Job and fancy printing office, High street, West side, between fourth and fifth streets, Georgetown, D. C ... F. W. De Krafft. January, 1847.

Family Groceries. Your attention is most respectfully invited to my stock of groceries now in store ... Wm. W. Birth, Washington, D.C. July 2d, 1847.

Horses for hire. Benjamin Bohrer, High, fronting West Street, Georgetown, D. C. would respectfully inform the citizens of Georgetown and its vicinity, that he keeps constantly for hire horses, buggies, and carriages ... Georgetown, D. C. F. W. D

Old goods! old goods! Come and get them at your prices! ... J. B. Bragdon. Washington, March 5, 1847.

Spring cure. Doctor Quenaudon's extract of green herbs for purifying the blood and the cure of all diseases arising from its impurity, also of all other chronic diseases ... Dr. D. V. Quenaudon. Washington City, D. C.- April 1847.

Dr. Jackson's rheumatic liniment. Where this liniment is applied pain cannot exist. Please circulate this bill. Philadelphia 1848.

Scenes illustrating S.E. Gross' enterprises in [...]g ...

Notice to the lovers of ease & comfort. A good fitting boot produces ease--- ease, comfort-comfort, happiness ... B. T. Stark. Washington City, 1848.

[Shankland's American fashions, 1849]

American fashions, fall & winter 1849-50, by John R. Shankland, no. 100, Chesnut St. Philadelphia / designed & lithographed by Hoffy, No. 20 Sth. 3rd. Street, Philadelphia ; P.S. Duval's Steam lith. Press, Philadelphia.

Le diamant de bluze est une nouvelle découverte qui vient de jeter une véritable panique dans le commerce des vrais diamants ...

Lithographic establishment of Edward Weber & Co. Maps, title pages, plans, charts, business & visiting cards..., corner of Market & Light Streets, entrance in Light Street, Baltimore.

Wagner & McGuigan's Steam Lithographic Printing Establishment, No. 4 Athenian Buildings, Franklin Place, Philadelphia

[Advertisements for the printing establishment of A. Kollner, Philadelphia]

Views of New York--Exchange / drawn by C. Autenrieth ; J. Bornet.

J.M. Newby & Co. dealers in ready made clothing, hats, caps, stocks, gloves, suspenders, cotton & linen shirts, merino & silk shirts & drawers, umbrellas, travelling trunks, capret [sic] bags, &c. under the United States Hotel, Augusta, Ga.

Amuser et instruire - Nouveaux jouets aériens et autres X. Vert, mécanicien, 4 quai de Jemmapes, Paris.

Ambrotype house of James & Co., No. 4. Summer Street, .... Boston. Where pictures are taken for 25 cents and upwards ... Dauguerreotypes copies to Ambrotypes or photographs, in the best style, and satisfaction guaranteed. [185-?].

Headquarters Army of shirtwearers. Important information having been received that there are in this city over 10,000 gentlemen who want good fitting shirts, this to to let them know that by calling at W. H. Faulkner & Co's and leaving their mea

Every body and his big grandmother are going to buy their valentines at cupid's original head quarters, J. Shillington's Odeon building, corner of 4.5 Street, and Pennsylvania Avenue ... [Washington, D. C.] Printed at the Cheap Job Printing offi

Antiques! minerals, medals, ancient and rare books! Engravings, shells, &c. &c. A splendid collection of the above articles just received on sale, at Carusi & Young's music saloon ... [Washington, D. C,] Polkinhorn, printer. August 28th, 1852.

To the public. The undersigned, inventor of the marble slab coffins, having taken the initiatory steps to secure his rights by letters patent of the United States is now prepared to dispose of rights either by license to build or for territory.

Harris' patent portable circular saw machine. Patented October 11th, 1853 ... State or County rights, or single machines for sale by Thomas Palmer. No. 83 Dock Street, Philadelphia.

Shankland's American fashions for spring & summer of 1853, 100, Chesnut [sic] St. Philadelphia / P.S. Duval & Co. Steam lith. Press, Phila. ; A. Biegemann, colorist.

"Sure Catch" sticky fly paper

Stationery, music, pianos, fancy goods, &c. ... John F. Ellis. Pa. Avenue, between 9th & 10th Sts. Washington, D. C. [1853].

Second street museum of living animals now exhibiting at 281 North 2d St., between Callowhill and Willow streets / Scott, Printer, 12 Hudson's Alley, Philadelphia.

Interesting facts for the consideration of the citizens of Washington ... It is a fact that Mr. Rufus Porter, of this City, has discovered an apparently feasible plan for aerial navigation, which has been satisfactorily tested, on a small scale

Fisk's patent air-tight metallic burial cases are for sale by M. W. White, undertaken, ... [Washington, March 1853].

New style of hats bonnets, furs and fancy goods! J. T. Evans has just returned from the northern cities with the most complete stock of hats, furs, & infants' goods ever offered in Washington ... [Washington, September 1853].