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The Hours

Mrs. Robert Shurlock (Henrietta Ann Jane Russell, 1775–1849) and Her Daughter Ann

William Fraser of Reelig (1784–1835)

Marie Joséphine Charlotte du Val d'Ognes (died 1868)

Mrs. Robert Shurlock Sr. (Ann Manwaring)

Mrs. James Lowndes (Catherine Osborn)

Moses Shown the Promised Land

Joel Roberts Poinsett

Robert Shurlock (1772–1847)

Mrs. Marinus Willett and Her Son Marinus, Jr.

Mrs. Thomas Sully (Sarah Annis)

Susan Poinsett

Madame Philippe Panon Desbassayns de Richemont (Jeanne Eglé Mourgue, 1778–1855) and Her Son, Eugène (1800–1859)

Francis Depau

Eye of Maria Miles Heyward

Charles Goldsborough

Henry Hope (1735/36–1811), after Jones

Mrs. Anstis Stone

George Washington

Hagar and Ishmael

The American Star (George Washington)

Mrs. Richard Peters (Abigail Willing)

Albert Gallatin

Charles Floyd

Robert Stuart

Robert Gilmor Sr.

Ignacio Garcini y Queralt (1752–1825), Brigadier of Engineers

Sarah Louisa Jenkins

Madame Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Périgord (1761–1835)

Elizabeth Bushby

Josefa de Castilla Portugal y van Asbrock de Garcini (1775–about 1850)

The Children of Martin Anton Heckscher: Johann Gustav Wilhelm Moritz (1797–1865), Carl Martin Adolph (1796–1850), and Leopold (born 1792)

Edward and Sarah Rutter

Lady Hester King (died 1873)

Emma Van Name


Madame Jerome Bonaparte (Elizabeth Patterson)

Captain Graham

William Robertson (1753–1835), Lord Robertson

Mrs. Fox

Mrs. Nathaniel Bowen (Margaret Blake)

Maharana Bhim Singh and Retinue Embark on a Hunt

View in the Stables of the Villa of Maecenas, Tivoli

Gerrit Van Kouwenhoven

Mrs. William Wortley Worsley (Rebecca Smith)

Johannis Van Kouwenhoven

Peter Gilman Odlin

William Eustis

An Interesting Story (Miss Ray)

Mrs. Phineas Miller (Catherine Littlefield)

Rudolphus Bogert

Jean-Victor Moreau

Robert Macomb

Mrs. John Murray

Mrs. Robert Macomb (Mary Cornell Pell )

John Murray

William Young

Gentleman of the Hale Family

William Burrows

Dr. Henry Nicolls Kitchin

Mrs. Robert Dickey (Anne Brown)

Robert Dickey

J. W. Gale

Thomas Howard (1585–1646), Second Earl of Arundel, after Rubens

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Périgord (1754–1838), Prince de Bénévent

Cyrus Mansfield

The Billiard Room

Mr. Rutherford

Omnia Vincit Amor, or The Power of Love in the Three Elements

Ponte San Rocco and Waterfalls, Tivoli

Fortified City of Ranthambhor

Philip Van Cortlandt

The Public Viewing David’s "Coronation" at the Louvre

Benjamin Chew Wilcocks

Count Alexander Ivanovich Sollogoub (1788–1844)

Eliza Hall

Study of a Nude Man

Alexander Henry Durdin

John Cox

Joseph and Karl August von Klein


Napoléon I (1769–1821)

Joseph-Antoine Moltedo (born 1775)

George Washington

Hautbois Common, Norfolk

Mrs. John Cox (Mrs. Thankful Harris Gore)

Allan Melville

View of Sorrento


Robert Dugan

Mrs. Robert Watts (Matilda Ridley)

Mr. Cook


Edward Coverly

Anthony Bleecker

Mrs. Cephas Thompson (Olivia Leonard)

José Costa y Bonells (died l870), Called Pepito

Mourning picture

Mrs. Stephen Van Rensselaer III (Cornelia Paterson)

Memorial painting