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Richard Halsted to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, March 15, 1862 (Telegram regarding vessels in New York)

Caleb B. Smith to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, February 15, 1862 (Sends claims for Indian depredations)

Antietam, Maryland. 93rd New York Infantry, headquarters Army of the Potomac

The campaign in Tennessee -- Interior of Fort Henry, on the morning after its capture, February 6 / from a sketch by Mr. H. Lovie, our special artist with Commodore Foote's expedition.

Henry A. Wise to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, March 17, 1862 (Sends copy of telegram regarding military affairs at Cairo)

[Map of Kanawha, Boone, Logan, Wyoming, McDowell, Mercer, Raleigh, Fayette, Nicholas, Greenbrier, Summers and Monroe Counties, West Va., and Tazewell, Smyth, Washington, Bland, Giles, Craig, Montgomery, Pulaski and Wythe Counties, Va. /

Scenes in and about the Army of the Potomac

Soldier's quarters

Plan of Fort Donelson and outworks : [Tennessee] /

John Sedgwick to Randolph B. Marcy, Monday, March 24, 1862 (Telegram regarding military affairs)

The Union assault on the Rebel works Lee's Mill Va.

Interior of the Hall of Columns, Karnac [Egypt]

[Bv't. Maj. Gen. John C. Caldwell and staff posed in front of tent]

Bull Run, Virginia (vicinity). Col. Alfred Duffie, 1st Rhode Island Cavalry

Fair Oaks, Virginia (vicinity). Gen. George Stoneman and staff

Admiral Porter and General Meade.

James W. White to Rhoda E. White, Monday, August 18, 1862 (Telegram concerning letter to Lincoln)

Henry A. Wise to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, January 30, 1862 (Sends copy of telegram regarding mortar boats at Cairo)

James Dixon to William H. Seward, Monday, August 11, 1862 (Cover letter)

[Seaman Ebenezer McKay of U.S. Navy in uniform]

A. H. Caldwell to Anson Stager, Saturday, December 13, 1862 (Telegram concerning military affairs)

"The forlorn hope" - volunteer storming party, consisting of portions of the 7th Michigan and 19th Massachusetts, crossing the Rappahannock in advance of the Grand Army, to drive off the Rebel riflemen, who were firing upon the Union pontoniers, Wednesday, December 10 / from a sketch by our special artist, Henri Lovie.

Position of Richmond, Va.

Position of Richmond, Va. /

To the people of Massachusetts. Washington, August 15, 1862. The hospitals in and around this city (forty-four in number- many of them churches) are crowded with sick and wounded soldiers .... It is the earnest desire of the members of the Massa

Caleb B. Smith to John Watt, Saturday, March 29, 1862 (Instructions)

Co., 139th Pennsylvania Infantry

[Map of the environs of Fort Donelson, Tennessee, Feb. 1862].

Frederick, Maryland. Tynan and children

Map of Falls Church and vicinity of Lewinsville, Virginia : shewing [sic] Union picket lines October 30th 1862.

Horatio G. Wright to Henry W. Halleck, Sunday, October 05, 1862 (Telegram concerning military affairs)

[Grigsby House, Centreville, Va. Headquarters of Gen. Johnston, CSA. March 1862]

Isaac N. Arnold to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, October 02, 1862 (Telegram supporting Gen. Sigel)

Antietam, Maryland. Bridge across the Antietam. Northeast view

John D. Defrees to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, August 06, 1862 (Recommendation)

Thomas H. Hicks to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, May 30, 1862 (Release of suspected conspirators)

J. N. Coulton to John G. Nicolay, Monday, October 20, 1862 (Telegram concerning appointment)

Henry A. Wise to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, February 04, 1862 (Sends copy of telegram regarding military affairs at Cairo)

Yorktown, Virginia. Confederate sandbag fortifications

Major-Genl. Joseph Hooker. (Fighting Joe) at the Battle of Antietam Sept. 17th, 1862.

Mansion of James Hopkinson, Edisto Island, S.C.

Topographical sketch of the line of operations of the Army of the Ohio under the command of Major General D. C. Buell, U.S. Volunteers : evacuation of Corinth by the enemy, May 30th, 1862 /

Position of Union and Rebel armies at Fredericksburg, Decr. 1st 1862

[Calendar for 1863]

Charles C. Gilbert to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, September 12, 1862 (Telegram concerning military affairs)

State of Rhode Island, &c. Adjutant General's office. Providence, April 7, 1862. General orders No. 23.

Destruction of the privateer PETREL by the ST. LAWRENCE

Ohio Legislature, Thursday, February 13, 1862 (Printed Resolution)

Colton's new railroad & county map of the United States, the Canadas &c.

William S. Roberts to Edward S. Sanford, Tuesday, November 04, 1862 (Telegram reporting New York election results)

Williamsburg to White House /

[Yorktown to Williamsburg]

Charles Ellet Jr. to Edwin M. Stanton, Tuesday, April 01, 1862 (Telegram regarding military affairs)

To the country .... Edtwick Evans. Attorney and counsellor at law, &c. Washington, D. C. September 9, 1862.

22d New York State Militia near Harpers Ferry, Va., 1861 [i.e.1862]

Map of part of south eastern Virginia

Battery on St. John's Bluff, Florida, taken by our forces

Theodor Tesch, Comp[any] B, 26 Reg[imen]t Wis[consin] V[olunteers]

The Battlefield of Williamsburg, Va. : fought 5th May 1862.

Metomkin Inlet, Virginia.

S. Mayo, successor to Mayo and Bacon

Yellow Hospital, Manassas, Va., July 1862

Richard Halsted to Abraham Lincoln, Sunday, March 16, 1862 (Telegram regarding naval affairs in New York)

Rappahannock River, Virginia. Bridge across the Rappahannock

Map showing the system of rebel fortifications on the Mississippi River at Island no. 10 and New Madrid, also the operations of the U.S. forces under General John Pope against these positions

William H. Seward to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, August 14, 1862 (Cover letter)

Rufus Blakeman to Lafayette S. Foster, Friday, July 25, 1862 (Introduction)

Encampment of Army of Potomac at Cumberland Landing on Pamunky (i. e. Pamunkey) River, Va., May 1862

William Butler and Richard Yates to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, April 09, 1862 (Telegram requesting that John Pope be transferred to the regular army)

Abraham Lincoln to Charles P. Kirkland, Sunday, December 07, 1862

Colossi and Sphynx at Wady Saboua, Nubia / Frith 1857.

McCaine to Anson Stager, Saturday, August 30, 1862 (Telegram concerning military affairs)

Governor's residence Reykjavik

Map of part of Henrico and Chesterfield Counties, July 12th, 1862 /

[Evander McNair, of Arkansas, Brigadier General, C.S.A., head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left]

Thomas H. Campbell to John G. Nicolay, Wednesday, October 29, 1862 (Cover letter)

William H. Seward to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, October 08, 1862 (Cover letter)

Alexandria, Virginia (vicinity). 200 pdr. Parrott rifle gun in Battery Rodgers

Peter H. Watson to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, March 13, 1862 (Cover letter)

Confederate dead in front of Fort Robinette, Corinth, Mississippi

Company A, 22d New York State Militia near Harpers Ferry, Va., 1861 [i.e.1862]

Abraham Lincoln, Friday, November 21, 1862 (Executive Order on Export of Arms and Ammunition)

George B. McClellan to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, February 28, 1862 (Telegram regarding military affairs)

Manassas, Virginia. Yellow hospital

Map of Harrison County, O. /

Part of Carroll County, Maryland /

Battle between the Mexicans and the allied invaders, at the National Bridge, near Vera Cruz [Mostly French, with a few Spanish and British]

Congress Washington's Birthday Celebration, Thursday, February 20, 1862 (Printed Order)

Proclamation of Emancipation. Variant preliminary printing.

Map of the battle of Frayser's Farm (Charles City cross roads or Glendale), June 30, 1862, showing approximate positions of Union and Confederate troops. Also disposition of troops during the military engagement at White Oak Bridge.

Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity). Northeast view of Federal Battery No. 1 at Farenhold house, York River. Mounting one 200 pdr. And five 100 pdr. Rifled guns

Abraham Lincoln to Cabinet, Tuesday, December 23, 1862 (Requests opinions regarding the admission of West Virginia)

[Banknote for $500 from the Boylston Bank, Boston, Massachusetts] / American Bank Note Co.

John E. Wool to Edwin M. Stanton, Friday, March 14, 1862 (Telegram acknowledging receipt of dispatches)

Fairfax Seminary, near Alexandria, Va.

Plan of Rebel redoubt and barracks [at] "Camp Misery" : surveyed April 11th 1862.

[Envelope addressed to Mrs. Lizzie Chenault, Catawba Station, Catawba Co., N.C.]

Map of the Potomac River, Va. : from Alexandria to below the Occoquan.

Nathaniel P. Banks to Randolph B. Marcy, Saturday, March 01, 1862 (Telegram regarding military affairs)

John W. Arthur to John G. Nicolay, Thursday, November 06, 1862 (Arthur's appointment as a chaplain)