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Ichabod Codding to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, November 13, 1854 (Republican organization)

Corydon waltz

Map showing the principal rail road in the middle & adjoining states, in operation & in progress.

Railroad reform, from the Providence Daily Post, September 5th, 1854.

Map of Licking County, Ohio /

Walden Pond--A reduced plan, 1846

Nasmyth's patent steam hammer, copied by permission of the inventor from the machine in the great exhibition

Map of the town of Niagara /

Junction of Potomac and Anacostia rivers /


Lewis wagon / J.S. Vernam del. ; Compton, Gibson & Co., Buffalo.

Panorama de Paris Pris de la Tour St. Jacques (Côte de Notre Dame) / / Photographie d'apres nature par Ch. Soulier, photographe de l'empereur.

Avery's patent for locking stones in the foundations of lighthouses ... More information may be obtained by letter addressed to John P. Avery, Norwich, Conn. [1854].

K N quick step dedicated to the Know Nothings

[Henry L. Abbot, bust-length portrait, in uniform]

Portland, Maine, U.S.A.

Pennsylvania Hospital, Pine Street, Philadelphia

[Title page of Boston slave riot, and trial of Anthony Burns with half-length portrait of Anthony Burns]

Bonaventure Baes, Pres., Dominican Republic

Northern N. Y. railroad tariff for Western flour and grain, via Vermont central railroad line ... September 11, 1854.

Representation of the Sand Key Light House, Florida / S.E. Brown.

Thompson & Company to Andrew Jackson, Jr., February 1, 1854

Map of the borough of Woodbury, N.J. /

Takanawa tsuki no kei

Kansas. To those who desire that Kansas should be free ... Worcester, Nov. 22, 1854.

Primary numerical table. Addition. John C. Dow. Lawrence, [Mass.] [c. 1854].

Map of the city of Washington in the District of Columbia, U. States of America.

O.H. Perry / Kilburn, del.

Young Girl and Death

Tobidashita ōtsue

Grand ball. Your company is respectfully requested at a ball to be given by Ellen Grant, at Schwartz' Hall, on G street, between 17th and 18th streets, October 16th, 1854.

Harrison's handkerchief extracts Apollos W. Harrison No. 10 South 7th Street Philadelphia / / Alphonse Bigot del. ; designed and drawn on stone by Alphonse Bigot.

Histoire de la Sainte Russie

"View of the Iron Mountain"

Walt Whitman, 1819-1892

City of Washington.

[Notion Company's Works, California]

Place de la Concorde A Paris / / Photographie d'apres nature par Ch. Soulier, photographe de l'empereur.

Winner's improved method for the violin

Ōhashi nakazu mitsumata

Map of Albany County, New York : from actual surveys /

$100 reward! Ranaway on the 27th of September last, from the farm of the Hon. Jeremiah Morton, to whom he was hired, in the county of Orange, near Racc on Ford, my negro man Osborne! ... Robert O. Grayson. Stevensburg, Culpeper Co., Va.,

No. 3. View of Honolulu. From the Catholic church

[All Saints Church (Frederick, Maryland). Elevations, plan, and section] / R. Upjohn & Co. Architects.

Map of New London County, Connecticut.

[Unidentified woman, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly right]

Map of Dinwiddie County, Virginia /

Second letter on the Nebraska question (Respectfully addressed to the delegation in Congress, from Pennsylvania.) By Charles Miner. Repeal of the Missouri compromise. [1854].

J. Q. A. Ward. / by H.K.B.

A new map of the state of North Carolina : constructed from actual surveys, authentic public documents and private contributions. /

Vilikins and his Dinah! Or, the cup of cold pison. New York, Andrews [ca. 1854].

Ichimonjiya saibei

Lincoln's invitation to Peoria. [Facsimile.]

Map of the Sunbury and Erie Rail Road and its connections; P. Jarrett, Eng. Eastern Division, J. L. Randolph, Eng. Western Division, R. Faries, C.E.

New daguerreotype rooms, in Cohasset! D. S. G. Doane having newly fitted up and established a permanent suite of rooms, for the express purpose pf taking daguerreotypes, respectfully informs the citizens of Cohasset, and the neighboring towns ..

Map of property purchased from the United States by Wm. T. Dove, Esq., south half of square no. 3 in the city of Washington : colored red, also the origl. boundary of the Potomac River /

Frankfort High School. The eighth semi-annual session of this school will commence on Monday the 11th day of September next ... E. Alfred Grant, principal. Frankfort, Ky., July 24, 1854.

[Henry L. Abbot, bust-length portrait, in uniform]

Primary numerical table. Subtraction. John C. Dow, Lawrence [Mass.] [c. 1854].

State of Maine. By the Governor: A proclamation for a day of public thanksgiving and praise ... I do, therefore, appoint Thursday, the thirtieth day of November next to be observed throughout this State as a day of public thanksgiving and praise

[Alexander Duff, half-length portrait, three-quarters to right]

View of No. 48 and 46 Chestnut Street

Musicians' military & civic ball, complimentary to the Lowell cornet band, at French's Hall, on Thursday evening. Nov. 16th, 1854.

Map of North America from the latest authorities, showing the proposed railroad routes from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans /

The Max Sutaine polka

Railroad & township map of Ohio.

Scott's map of Rutland County, Vermont /

Lipan - warrior / A. Schott del. ; lith. of Sarony & Co., New York.

Roberts' Horse Powders

Plat & dimensions of circle on Pennsylvania Avenue at intersection of Pa. Avenue, New Hampshire Avenue, K Street north, 23d Street west : [Washington Circle, Washington D.C.] /

Pres't Madison's Library at auction. at Orange Court House, Virginia on Tuesday the 27th day of June, prox., being the day after the County Court of Orange in that month, I shall sell at public auction, to the highest bidder that part of the lib

[Abraham Lincoln while campaigning for the U.S. Senate, taken in Chicago, Illinois

Map of all the railroads in the United States in operation and progress.

[Site of the Revolutionary Foundry, Salisbury, Connecticut]

Shankland's American fashions for the fall and winter of 1854 & 5

No. 6. View of Honolulu, from the Catholic church

Hachidaime ichikawa danjūrō no sinie

$500 reward. A fraud was committed on the chemical bank, in this City, on the 30th inst. by means of forged checks ... J. Q. Jones. President of the Chemical Bank. New York, Aug. 30th, 1854.

Map of Erie County, New York : from actual surveys /

Jenkins & Knight's patent spoke machine. Awarded the gold medal, at the late fair of the Maryland Institute, in the City of Baltimore ... Kingston, N. Y., November 8, 1854.

The man is not bought! He is still in the slave pen in the Court House. The kidnapper agreed, both publicly and in writing, to sell him for $1200. The sum was raised by eminent Boston citizens, and offered him. He then claimed more. The b

Histoire de la Sainte Russie

Sylph waltz


Rail road and county map of Illinois showing its internal improvements 1854.

Minute representation of an American line-of-battleship, with full explanation of its parts / Wade del.

Map of Licking County, Ohio /

Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile A Paris / / Photographie d'apres nature par Ch. Soulier, photographe de l'empereur.

Know Nothing Polka dedicated to everybody by nobody

Appeal in behalf of the Washington national monument. The voters of Washington are informed that the monument now being erected in this City, to the memory of the "Father of his Country", has reached the height of 154 feet, and has cost about {d

Map of Milford, Hillsboro' Co., New Hampshire /

Calculator, showing the amount of paper required for printing a book of any given number of forms 1 to 50 exclusive of paper for binding. New York. [c. 1854].

Norman's plan of New Orleans & environs, 1854.

Frances Wright d'Arusmont / SW.

Sacramental scene in a western forest

Rejoinder to Mr. Rives. Estimates for printing. Washington, May 27, 1854.

Rail road map accompanying the report an[d] exhibit of the Logansport & Northern Indiana Railroad showing its connections and the through route from St. Louis to New York of which this road forms a part; Logansport, Indiana May 1st 1854; L. S. Nash, Chief Engineer.

Souvenir de Weber, romance

Nominations of the do-nothings of Washington, for 1856. for Mayor. Jas. Robertson, Editor of the Truth. For assessors Ham Hughes. For Common Council George Turner, George Longdon, John McDevitt. For the Board of aldermen. Bill Porter. Beau Hickm

1854. Buffalo, Brantford & Goderich railway. Freight tariff ... Buffalo, 12th January 1854.