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Eleanora waltz

To the Democrats of Washington County. Within a few days, a handbill, containing a letter from General Carpenter, has been circulated in great numbers in this country ... [1843?].

Order of exercises for the seventh annual exhibition of the Western academy, Washington, August 1, 1843.

[Circular regarding rates] Saratoga, July 1, 1843].

Refutation. To the Democratic party of Allegheny County. A paper called the Aurora, and professing to be Democratic, having made a charge against me ... I published in the morning post, the following plain denial of the charge ... George R. Ridd

George P. Hamilton to Andrew Jackson, August 11, 1843

N. R. Jennings, February 10, 1843

Andrew Jackson to Green, December 15, 1843

An act to provide for ascertaining the condition of the public schools in this state, and for the improvement and better management thereof. Passed October session, 1843 ... To the people of Rhode Island. In pursuance of an Act "to provide for a

To the free and independent voters of Madison County. Fellow-citizen: In offering myself as a candidate for the office of probate justice of the peace ... Your fellow-citizens, George W. Prickett. July 15, 1843. [s. l.]

Map of the county west of Cumberland towards the Ohio river, showing the various lines surveyed or reconnoitred [sic] for the extension of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road to its western terminus referred to in the report of the chief engineer of September 20th, 1843.

Alexander Mouton to Andrew Jackson, May 5, 1843

A sawney in Ireland trying to pass for an American gentleman

[Title page of Alfred C.F. Fayot, Les Classiques de la Table, showing facade of Sorbets Cafe de Paris, and frontispiece showing head and shoulders portrait of Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord]

Hogs! Cash! will be paid for the undersigned, for a few thousand head of corn-fed hogs, if delivered early in the season, at their packing-house, in Alton ... Hibbard, Echols, & Co. Alton, Oct. 28, 1843. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office

Banks of the Jordan April 2nd 1839

Port of Tyre April 27th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

Askelon / D Roberts, R.A.

Ruins of the eastern portico of the Temple of Baalbec May 6th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

The Dead Sea looking towards Moab April 4th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

Dandy Jim, from Carolina; a popular Negro melody, as sung by B. Williams / /Lith. of Endicott.

Bethlehem April 6th 1839

Shrine of the Nativity Bethlehem April 6th 1839

Beit Jebrin March 7th 1839

Ruins called Om El Hamed near Tyre April 25th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

Baalbec May 4th 1839

Walking dresses for January 1843 Engraved for the Lady's World.

[John McAllister, Jr., full-length portrait, seated in a chair, outdoors on the roof of 48 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia]


Circassian hair dye

The right honorable Shaw LeFevre, Speaker of the House of Commons

Russell Bean surrendering to Judge Jackson

Columbia the gem of the ocean

National Galaxy, Massachusetts

[Farmers nooning, from the original picture in the possession of Jona. Sturges Esqr.] / Wm. S. Mount 1836.

Poisonous mushrooms ; Irritating poisons / By G. Spratt, surgeon, fellow of the Medico-Botanical Society of London, and one of the editors of the Flora medica ; Lithographed by G.E. Madeley, 3 Wellington St[ree]t, Strand.

Sayles, the speaker of the Foundry House of representatives, in the field. Fellow-Citizens--- In Smithfield, as the election draws nigh, the first effects of Dorrism has been felt ... [1843?].

Dr. T. G. Clinton respectfully issues this notice of his desire to practice medicine in portion of Washington City, 12th street, near Maryland Avenue. June, 1843.


Andrew Jackson to B. F. Baker, November 27, 1843

Encampment of pilgrims Jericho April 1st 1839

Andrew Jackson to Francis Preston Blair, May 20, 1843

Descent upon the Valley of Jordan

Hydrographical basin of the upper Mississippi River from astronomical and barometrical observations, surveys, and information.

Two lectures descriptive of modern Jerusalem illustrated by forty beautiful illuminated and magnified diagrams, from drawings taken on the spot, covering from sixty to one hundred square feet, which the whole audience can see at once. Mr. D. W.

Leonard Pope Cheatham to Andrew Jackson, December 8, 1843

Andrew Jackson to Francis Preston Blair, January 30, 1843

William Anderson Scott to Andrew Jackson, March 31, 1843

Andrew Jackson to Amos Kendall, September 29, 1843

Order of performances at the sixty-seventh anniversary of American independence, by the City of Boston at Faneuil Hall 1843. John H. Eastburn, City Printer.

[Farmers nooning, from the original picture in the possession of Jona. Sturges Esqr.] / Wm. S. Mount 1836.


Mushikago o motsu wakazamurai

The aerial steam carriage

Chapel of the Convent of St. Saba April 5th 1839 / D Roberts, R.A.

Narcotic poisons / G.E. Madeley, lithog., Wellington St[ree]t, Strand.

Grandpapa's Pet

R. S. Bernard's diarrhoea medicine

Bethany April 1st 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

Jericho April 3rd 1839

Christian Church of St George at Lud ancient Lydda March 29 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

David Vann. A Cherokee chief / drawn, printed and col'd at the Lithographic & Print Colouring Establishment, No. 94 Walnut St., Phila.

Pee-Che-Kir, a Chippewa chief / H.D. ; drawn, printed & coloured at the Lithographic & Print Colouring Establishment.

Neuer bauern - kalender auf das gemeine jahr nach de gnadenreichen geburt Jesu Christi 1843 von 365 tagen

Map, exhibiting the railway route between Baltimore & St. Louis, together with the other principal lines in the eastern, middle & western states; prepared under the direction of B. H. Latrobe, Ch. Engr. B. & O. R.R.

[No. 46 to No. 52, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Henry Clay / painted by J.W. Dodge 1843 ; engd. on steel by H.S. Sadd, N.Y.

[Farmers nooning, from the original picture in the possession of Jona. Sturges Esqr.] / Wm. S. Mount 1836.

Rev. Thomas Chalmers, 1780 - 1847. Preacher and social reformer (shown preaching)

[Sir James Scarlett Abinger, baron, 1769-1844, bust portrait, facing right]

Andrew Jackson to Amos Kendall, November 13, 1843

Andrew Jackson to Robert Armstrong

My Early Home

Henry Clay

March 23d, 1843. Dear Sir. The importance of the pending election to the peace and prosperity of this State, is our best apology for thus addressing you ... Signed. John Brown Francis [and 10 others].

By His Excellency Samuel Ward King, Governor ... A proclamation ... I do therefore in pursuance of the foregoing resolution, issue this my proclamation, announcing that the Constitution aforesaid has been adopted by a majority of the qualified e

Friendly advice to seamen ... Seaman's missionary. New-York, Christmas, 1843.

Andrew Jackson to [Col.] Wheeler

Rittenhouse academy. Order of exercises for Saturday afternoon, July 29, 1843. [Washington, 1843.].

To Mr. Wombwell, the celebrated menagerist. ... C. C. Tiptree Heath, 1843.

City dictation!!! To the Democrats of Allegheny County. You have doubtless heard of the nomination of George R. Riddle for the office of prothonotary, by the Democratic convention of August 30th on the 6th ballot ... Democrats! will you be base

Cave Johnson to Andrew Jackson, April 12, 1843

James Coleman to Andrew Jackson, April 3, 1843

Andrew Jackson to Amos Kendall, May 10, 1843

Davis' quick step

Andrew Jackson to John C. Rives , December 22, 1843

Columbus / painted by J.M.W. Turner R.A. ; engraved for the Eclectic Museum by John Sartain.

Convent of St. Saba April 4th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

Ras el Abiad coast of Syria April 26th 1839

Jaffa ancient Joppa April 16th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

Semua ruins March 16th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

Sidon looking towards Lebanon

Rouen, 16 May 1843, France

Hebron March 18th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

Map of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhodeisland [i.e. Rhode Island]

Map of Maine : constructed from the most correct surveys with sectional distances and elevations, or level, of the St. Croix River from Calais Bridge deduced from the states survey /

O'Connell's call and Pat's reply

American sympathy and Irish backguardism

Trouble in the Spartan ranks. Old Durham in the field

Imawakamaru to ushiwakamaru