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Mapa de las tierras compradas al gobierno y particulares par el Corl. Desmenaro : [región de Honda, Colombia] /

William Strother to John O. Lay, July 5, 1825. Receipt for deposit for James Madison.

Impediments of speech. Mr. & Mrs. Chapman's institution for the cure of impediments of speech. No. 187 Pine street, Philadelphia. continues open for the reception of those ladies and gentlemen, who are oppressed with any kind of hesitancy, stutt

William Strother to John O. Lay, May 20, 1825. Receipt, includes James Madison Note.

Joseph Vaughan to James Madison, May 21, 1825.

John Adams to Thomas Jefferson, December 1, 1825

James Madison to Nicholas Biddle, May 2, 1825.

Thomas Jefferson, September 30, 1825, Notes on University of Virginia Meridian

A. Mack to Andrew Jackson Donelson, April 8, 1825

Proposals, the following splendid work entitled The Presidency of the United States by A. B. Woodward is now in hand, and will shortly be offered to the public in pamphlet form ... Washington City, May 19, 1825.

Huzza! for Gen. Jackson !! Undeniable and conclusive reasons why General Jackson should be elected President of the United States, founded on the most unquestionable authority, and selected from high-minded, consistent, and republican authors. [

John Petit to Rachel Donelson Jackson, January 8, 1825

Andrew Jackson, March 16, 1825

John Mears to Rachel Donelson Jackson, March 29, 1825

Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, topographical view /

Chester District, South Carolina /

Marion District, South Carolina /

Georgetown District, South Carolina /

Barnwell District, South Carolina /

Lexington District, South Carolina /

Marion District, South Carolina /

Carta Maritima de la Isla de Cuba, que Comprehende las Juridicciones de Filipina, la Havana, las quatro Villas, la de la Villa del Puerto del Principe, el Bayamo y la de la Ciudad de Cuba /

Issei ichidai nakamura utaemon no shunkan


Kankan odori no uta


Canis Major, Lepus, Columba Noachi & Cela Sculptoris / Sidy. Hall, sculpt.

Cepheus / Sidy. Hall, sculpt.

Map of the United States : intended chiefly to exhibit the Post Roads & distances.

Sagittarius and Corona Australis, Microscopium, and Telescopium / Sidy. Hall, sculpt.

Gemini / Sidy. Hall, sculpt.

Aquarius, Piscis Australis & Ballon Aerostatique / Sidy. Hall, sculpt.

Sacred to the memoires of two youths who were poisoned by eating Cicuta Aquatica or water hemlock, March 14, 1825. James Hector. C. Davidson.

Brigade orders. First brigade. Ninth division Ohio militia. Head quarters. Paines-ville. May 30, 1825.

Republican meeting. At a primary meeting of the Republicans of the town of Providence, on the evening of the 13th of August, A. D. 1825 to consult on the propriety of holding another meeting, and devosing measures to be pursued in the approachin

James Monroe to Andrew Jackson, July 31, 1825

Grand celebrashun ob fe bobalition ob African slabery!!!. [Cuts] Boston 1825.

Charles Yancey to Thomas Jefferson, May 7, 1825

James Monroe to James Madison, March 9, 1825.

James Madison to Thomas Jefferson, April 21, 1825.

J. H. Smith to James Madison, June 27, 1825.

James Madison to Peyton, December 20, 1825.

B. Bacon to Andrew Jackson, March 16, 1825

E. Stott to Rachel Donelson Jackson, October 20, 1825

W. C. Clarke to Andrew Jackson et al., April 8, 1825

D. Barnum to Andrew Jackson, March 13, 1825

Andrew Jackson to William Berkeley Lewis, February 14, 1825

Unknown to Andrew Jackson, March 20, 1825

Thomas Jefferson to H. P. van Bibben, January 5, 1825

Thomas Jefferson to Alexander Smyth, January 17, 1825

Richard Colvin to Thomas Jefferson, April 5, 1825

James Madison to Charles J. Ingersoll, November 12, 1825.

Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, February 15, 1825

Thomas G. Watkins to Thomas Jefferson, May 14, 1825

Thomas B. Griffin to Andrew Jackson, January 5, 1825

Kershaw District, South Carolina /

Greenville District, South Carolina /

Colleton District, South Carolina /

Darlington District, South Carolina : ; engd by H. S. Tanner & Assistants.

Beaufort District, South Carolina /

Abbeville District, South Carolina /

[Broadside]: Patent sponge boots, for horses feet. ... James Boyd, 24 Merchants' Row, Boston, June 1, 1825

Agebōshi o naosu musume

Camelopardalis, Tarandus and Custos Messium / Sidy. Hall, sculpt.

Perseus and Caput Medusæ / Sidy. Hall, sculpt.

Taurus Poniatowski, Serpentarius, Scutum Sobiesky, and Serpens / Sidy. Hall, sculpt.

Wolves triumphant or A fig for public opinion / R C [Cruikshank].

The reading of a will / engraved by John Burnet ; painted by David Wilkie, R.A.

Vue intérieure d'une partie du Moscou, prise des Hauteurs à droite de la Yaousa / Cadolle delt. ; lithoge. par Deroy.

Polygraph. Hawkins's machine for writing, drawing &c. / J. Pass sc.

Capricornus / Sidy. Hall, sculpt.

Inaugural address delivered at the first stated meeting of the Board of directors of the Adams Athenaeum, on the 31st of March, 1825; by Col. B. L. C. Wailes, their President. 31st March 1825.


Piratical barbarity [Woodcut] Representation of the horrid massacre of the unfortunate crew of the Sloop Eliza-Ann, by the pirates, March 1825. Just published a new and interesting work, entitled Piratical barbarity or the female captire ... and

General La Fayette. To have been a partaker with Washington, in the perils and glory of our great conflict for freedom, is a passport to our hearts. In meeting you, his loved form seems to approach us ... Chester County, July 26, 1825.

James Madison to Edward Everett, July 19, 1825.

Unknown to Andrew Jackson, March 18, 1825

N. Davidson to Andrew Jackson, March 10, 1825

Franklin House Hotel to Andrew Jackson Donelson, February 7, 1825

John Quincy Adams to Thomas Jefferson, February 27, 1825

Richard [Tinenez] to Andrew Jackson, March 25, 1825

Samuel Mitchell to Unknown, March 10, 1825

Allen Dorsry to Andrew Jackson, March 13, 1825

William Strother to John O. Lay, August 2, 1825. Receipt.

Thomas Jefferson to S. S. Heiskell, September 16, 1825

Ingratitude has been called the vice of republics. On the late occasion we have seen the Government and people of the United States give a practical and triumphant refutation of this calumny by their conduct to Gen. La Fayette. Another opportuni

William Hillard and Samuel H. Walley to Thomas Jefferson, May 7, 1825, Bond

James Madison to R. B. Lee, April 20, 1825.

Thomas Jefferson to James Pleasants, March 10, 1825

Thomas Hart Benton to Thomas Jefferson, March 2, 1825

James Madison to Thomas L. McKenney, May 14, 1825.

Le prince de Ligne / H. Grevedon, 1825.

Sumter District, South Carolina /

Marlborough District, South Carolina /

[Chesterfield District, South Carolina /

York District, South Carolina /

Fairfield District, South Carolina /

Greenville District, South Carolina /

Charleston District, South Carolina /

Commencement of The Columbian College in the District of Columbia, Wednesday, Dec. 21, 1825 ... [Washington, 1825].