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The danciad; or, Dancer's monitor. Being a descriptive sketch in verse, on the different styles and methods of dancing quadrilles, waltzes, country dances, &c. &c. ... Together with observations on the laws regarding dancing, with extracts from the Acts of Parliament relating thereto.

Thomas Jefferson to James Monroe, July 10, 1824

Jackson Delegate ticket. [1824.].

[Design drawing for stove. Front]

[Design drawing for a fireplace stove. Front and top]

James Madison. List of documents showing causes of reversing the old federal system. 1824.

James Madison to Horatio Gates Spafford, May 1, 1824. Partly Illegible.

James Madison to James Monroe, January 31, 1824.

James Barbour to James Madison, November 14, 1824.

Thomas Washington to Andrew Jackson, June 26, 1824

James Wilkinson to Thomas Jefferson, March 21, 1824, Cover of Package

Thomas Jefferson to James Monroe, March 27, 1824

James Madison to W. Marshall, September 18, 1824.

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, November 15, 1824.

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, September 3, 1824.

James Madison to Moses Dawson, September 25, 1824.

Thomas Jefferson to Richard Rush, October 13, 1824

[Design drawing for a fireplace stove. Front and top]

The two circulars, ornamented with notes. John W. Taylor's circular, General M'Arthur's circular and Notes by Philo-Taylor. Washington City June 1824.

Thomas Jefferson to Francis W. Gilmer, April 26, 1824. Copy of the Power of Attorney.

Anti-Jackson ticket. For representatives, Isaac H. Townsend, Philip S. Galpin ... [between 1824 and 1836?].

George Brown to Andrew Jackson, January 19, 1824

Thomas Jefferson to Charles Wilson Peale, February 15, 1824

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas W. White, January 7, 1824, in French

[Illustration showing men pulling cart with barrel, with surrounding text]

Slave market at Rio Janeiro [sic] / drawn by Augs. Earle ; engraved by Edwd. Finden.

The politician. Dr. Benj. Franklin / painted by S. Elmer A. ; engraved by T. Ryder.

Marks to find the Blonde Rock dangerously situated between Copper's Island and Dead Chest in the passage to Tortola, H.M. Ship Forte, 1824.

To the friends of our country. [Alabama 1824?]

To Irishmen and adopted citizens. to the Public [Opposing the election of Dr. Joel B. Sutherland] [Signed] An Irishman. October 9, 1823.

[Design drawing for a fireplace stove. Front and top]

Thomas Jefferson to Andre Etienne Ferussac, 1824

To the voters of the second electoral district of Maryland composed of Calvert, a part of Prince George's & Montgomery counties. Fellow-Citizens. The time will soon arrive when you will feel it to be your bounden duty calmly and deliberately to

New York, November 19, 1824. The following is the substance of a trial of Messrs William & P. C. Smith for a conspiracy against Mr. Abraham Paul, as published in the New-York papers during the present week .... New York 1824.

James Madison, Jr. to Augustus B. Woodward, September 11, 1824

Thomas Jefferson to Henry Lee, Jr., September 6, 1824

James Madison to John Pool, September 24, 1824.

Thomas Jefferson to Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, October 9, 1824

Thomas Jefferson to Gulian C. Verplanck, June 7, 1824

James Madison to Unknown (N. York?), December 22, 1824. Fragment.

James Madison to James Strong, May 8, 1824.

Jared Whitney to Rachel Jackson, December 15, 1824

James Monroe to James Madison, December 9, 1824.

[Design drawing for a stove. Front, side, and top]

Andrew Jackson to William Gibbes Hunt, October 10, 1824

Thomas Jefferson to Jacob Engelbrecht, February 25, 1824

John Cartwright to Thomas Jefferson, February 29, 1824

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Jefferson Grotjan, January 10, 1824

A caucus held at Albany on sunday evening April 11th. 1824 by the N.Y. city members

Plano de la quebrada y caleta de Quilca, situado el punto X en la latitud sur 16⁰42ʹ30ʹ [sic] y en la longitud de 66⁰11ʹ00ʺ ocidental de Cádiz /

James Madison to James B. Pleasants, March 11, 1824.

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas G. Watkins, October 16, 1824

Our country . . . home industry

James Madison to William S. Stone, April 30, 1824. Fragment. On verso of James Madison to James Monroe dated April 30, 1824.

The People's Ticket, for President - Wm. H. Crawford ...

Sandaime Onoe Kikugorō no Ōboshi Yuranosuke

Republican anti-caucus ticket. For President John Quincy Adams for Vice-President, some tried and approved patriot ...

The people's ticket. For president- Wm. H. Crawford.- For Vice-President- some tried and approved patriot. [24 candidates] [Virginia, 1824].

Town representatives. The present election presents a crisis at which it is important that every representative should be faithful to the character and wishes of the people. The citizens of New-Haven are decidedly opposed by a great majority, to

David Gelston to James Madison, September 23, 1824.

Thomas Jefferson to Timothy Alden, February 14, 1824

Andrew Jackson to William Hayden, Jr., March 30, 1824

Andrew Jackson to Rachel Donelson Jackson, April 27, 1824

John Quincy Adams to Thomas Jefferson, November 18, 1824

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, December 26, 1824

N. Adams to Andrew Jackson, October 15, 1824

James Monroe to James Madison, November 11, 1824.

James Madison to John D. Hunter, October 20, 1824.

Order of exercises for the celebration of the] forty-eighth anniversary of American independence, July - 1824. [Newburyport, Mass.] W. & J. Gilman, printers [1824].

James Madison to George Graham, March 27, 1824.

James Madison to David Hosack, December 20, 1824.

John Griscom to Thomas Jefferson, March 10, 1824

Unknown to Thomas Jefferson, March 21, 1824

James Monroe to James Madison, May 10, 1824.

From the New York Statesman, April 21, 1824. The Common law.- The following letter from the learned president of South Carolina College to Counsellor Sampson, will doubtless be read with interest by all who have perused the valuable discourse of

William H. Richardson to Thomas Jefferson et al, March 1, 1824.

Tivoli. Le dimanche 22 aout, 1824, grand fete extraordinaire a l'occasion de la Saint-Louis. Ascension en balon, par M. Margat ...

To the voters of Baltimore County. Fellow Citizens. Having been announced as an elector of President and Vice-President of the United States, and that annunciation being approved of by respectable meetings in the County, I did not consider it ne

[United States Capitol grounds, Washington, D.C. Plan of Capitol grounds]

[Title page - no illus. - from Life and remarkable adventures of Israel R. Potter, Providence, 1824]

September 30, 1824. Copy of a covenant between Francis W. Gilmer and George Long regarding the University of Virginia.

Plan of the city of Hartford : from a survey made in 1824 /

Map of the country contiguous to the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal /

Demand twelve and a half cents in commonwealth's pa- per of

Baika saru hiku musume

Monday after the "Great St. Leger." or Heroes of the turf paying & recieving [sic] at Tattersalls / drawn & engraved by R. Cruikshank.

Benjamin Franklin - peint d'après nature pour la famille - exposé au Salon de 1779 / Duplessis pinxit ; A. Maurin, lith.

Jesse Benton

A Solemn warning to dancers.

Federal republican meeting. On Tuesday evening last, a very full meeting of the Federal electors of the City of Boston, constituted by a large deputation from each ward, was holden for the purpose of taking such measures as should be deemed expe

Brigade orders, First brigade, Ninth division, Ohio militia. Head quarters, Paines-ville. July 22, 1824.

Thomas Jefferson to William Duane, July 4, 1824


Traduction en vers des me´tamorphoses d’Ovide, Metamorphoses. French. [from old catalog] Paris, Imprime´ pour la bibliothe`que de m. Guilbert de Pixe´recourt, 1824.

James Madison to Edward Everett, September 20, 1824.

Thomas Jefferson to John Davis, January 18, 1824

Edward Livingston to Thomas Jefferson, November 29, 1824, Printed Circular on Penal Law for the State of Louisiana

James Madison to William Browne, March 6, 1824.

Thomas Jefferson to Robert Hare, April 10, 1824

Andrew Jackson to Decker & Dyer, June 24, 1824