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Map of the southern part of the state of New York including Long Island, the Sound, the state of Connecticut, part of the state of New Jersey, and islands adjacent : compiled from actual late surveys /

On Washington's birthday, and the restoration of peace. February 22, 1815. Tune. "Ye Mariners of England." Wm. D. Allen & Co., Printers, Newburyport, [1815?]

America guided by wisdom An allegorical representation of the United States depicting their independence and prosperity / / Drawn by John J. Barralett ; engraved by B. Tanner.

Van Staphorst & Hubbard to Thomas Jefferson, December 31, 1815, Account

To the inhabitants of Zanesville. The following is a copy of the will of John M'Intire ... [Zanesville, 1815?].

William Charles Cole Claiborne to Unknown, January 28, 1815


Unknown, February 24, 1815

Worcester, March 13, 1815. Gentlemen. In congratulating you upon the return of peace with a people whom our government indiscreetly chose to make an enemy, we should most fervently rejoice, could we announce, that the government, and its partiza

L. P. de Benevento to David B. Warden, August 29, 1815, in French

[Unfinished map of Pensacola Bay and Santa Rosa Island].

James Pitot to William Charles Cole Claiborne, February 7, 1815

St. Jean d' Angeley to James Madison, September 13, 1815. In French.

James Harding to Andrew Jackson, February 13, 1815

[Unidentified plan of a portion of Pensacola, Spanish West Florida].

Charles Wollstonecraft to George Thompson Ross, July 5, 1815

Robert McCausland to William Charles Cole Claiborne, January 20, 1815

William Charles Cole Claiborne to Andrew Jackson, April 5, 1815

The old maid and her tom cat / [G. Cruikshank].

William Hume to Edward George Washington Butler, May 1, 1815

Extract from the proceedings of the President and selectmen of the city of Natchez, at their meeting on the 4th April, 1815 ... A. Campbell, City Clerk. [Natchez] J M'Curdy Pr. [1815].

Alexander Cochrane to Andrew Jackson, February 13, 1815

[Map of area from Pensacola Bay to St. Andrew's Bay, Spanish West Florida].

An abstract of the returns made by the commissioners of the City of Philadelphia and the several counties of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in pursuance of a requisition of the Committee of ways and means of the House of representatives of th


D. McClellan to Unknown, January 11, 1815

[United States Capitol, Washington, D.C. South wing, section]

The complete system of English country dancing, containing all the figures ever used in English country dancing, with a variety of new figures, and new reels ...

Thomas Urquhart to John T. Pemberton, March 3, 1815

Thomas H. Boyle to Andrew Jackson, March 22, 1815

Alexander James Dallas to Andrew Jackson, March 14, 1815

William Preston Anderson et al. to Andrew Jackson, June 21, 1815

Peace between the United States of America and Great-Britain ratified by the President of the United States, February 17, 1815, By Thomas Shaw, of Standish. [Standish? 1815] [Reprinted] on sale at A. J. Huston's Portland. and at all Maine booksh

Thomas Jefferson to John S. Barnes, May 7, 1815

Map of a part of Pantonia laid out in sections.

Religious broadside from Lorenzo Dow

State of Connecticut. December 26, 1815. General Orders [regarding the most advisable mode of forming the divisions and brigades of infantry] ... By order of the Captain General Eben Huntington, Adjutant General.



Jean Joseph Amable Humbert to Andrew Jackson, February 5, 1815

[Cut] Peace on honorable terms to America. Signed by our commissioners at Ghent, Dec. 24, 1814-- Prince Regent, Dec. 28,-- Ratified by the President and Senate, of the United States, Feb. 17, 1815. [Two columns of verse] Boston Printed by Nathan

Wild cassia near Bridge Tavn(?), west of Sp[anish] T[own]--February 8, 1815

Andrew Jackson, January 17, 1815

Robert Butler, November 9, 1815

William Charles Cole Claiborne to Andrew Jackson, February 1, 1815

Wooden breast bone, and Jackson's victory. [1815].

Andrew Jackson to Bennett Smith, January 31, 1815

Andrew Jackson to Samuel N. Green, January 19, 1815

William Gray to William Eustis, January 10, 1815.

Washington /

John Rhea to James Madison, November 24, 1815.

George Graham to Edmund Pendleton Gaines, October 24, 1815

Treaty of peace. Argus Office. Portland, Feb. 22, 1815.

Louisiana Legislature resolutions March 31, 1815

Louis Louaillier, March 5, 1815


Crawford, September 30, 1815. List of Appointments for Army Doctors.

[Seascape with ships]

Map 1814-15 New Orleans.

H. F. Fletcher to Robert Hays, June 13, 1815

Thomas Jefferson to Louis H. Girardin, January 15, 1815

Fidélité et dévouement dédié à la Garde Nationale de Paris : serment prêté par ceux de ses membres qui reçoivents la nouvelle décoration accordée par Sa Majesté ...

3ème et dernière expérience de descente en parachute par Melle. Garnerin, au Champ de Mars, dimanche 21 avril, a son profit

Paper hanging 55

Benjamin W. Crowninshield to Stephen Decatur, April 29, 1815.

John W. Winn to Andrew Jackson, April 22, 1815

Andrew Jackson to John Lambert, February 26, 1815

M. Costrio to Joseph Bougy, February 1, 1815

John Taylor to James Madison, January 4, 1815.

Celebration of the ratification of the treaty of peace between the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland, at Cambridbe, Feb. 23, 1815. Order of procession ... Order of exercise ... [Cambridge 1815].

[Cuts] Peace! Peace! Peace between Great-Britain and the United States of America [Two columns of verse] Boston Printed by Nathaniel Coverly, Jun. Milk-Street. [1815?]

Plano borrador del Rio y Bahia de Apalachicola para mejor inteligencia de los partes dados en 29 de abril 6 y 8 de mayo de este año /

Andrew Jackson to McKiernan & Stout, February 7, 1815

A. J. Dallas to James Madison, January 30, 1815.

James Murphy to Francisco Fio, January 16, 1815

Baring Brothers & Co. to Jacob Barker, October 12, 1815.

To the "Natchez Volunteer Rifle Corps." Attention! ... Our late brave and beloved Chief the immortal Jackson, it is understood, is approaching near our city on his way to Tennessee, and it is confidently believed, that the "Natchez, Volunteer Ri

State of New-Hampshire. By His excellency the Governor. A proclamation ... ] appoint Thursday, the thirteenth day of April next, to be observed in this state, as a day of publick fasting, humiliation, and prayer ... Given at the Council Chamber,

Jean Joseph Amable Humbert to Thomas Langford Butler

David Bannister Morgan to Robert Butler, January 22, 1815

John Miks to Unknown, April 20, 1815


Karasaki no yoru no ame

Hodges explanation of a hundred magistrates / Rowlandson, del.

Thomas Jefferson to Joseph Milligan, December 22, 1815

[Plat of land along the Rio de la Movila near its juncture with Bayou Chataugé].

Turner Brashears, December 12, 1815

George Thompson Ross to Charles Wollstonecraft, July 12, 1815

[Stag looking for its mate]

Andrew Jackson / drawn from life and engraved by J.B. Longacre.

State of Louisiana. Militia general orders Headquarters, January 26, 1815. The governor and commander in chief congratulates the militia of the state on the expulsion of the enemy who had so daringly invaded our soil and threatened our capital .

James Harding, February 13, 1815

Paper hanging 53

Andrew Jackson to William Charles Cole Claiborne, January 26, 1815

Le tigre enchainé

Thomas Jefferson to Louis H. Girardin, March 27, 1815

Rachel Donelson Jackson to James MacDonald, December 1, 1815

William Berkeley Lewis to Andrew Jackson, May 14, 1815

Gold medal presented to Jackson by Congress

George Graham to Simeon Knight, August 21, 1815