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The convention of the delegates of eighteen counties of Virginia, held at Staunton, on the 21st of September, for the purpose of forming a general ticket of electors of President and vice-president, to the freeholders of Virginia ... Staunton, V

Andrew Jackson to Nashville Bank, July 7, 1813

That sense of duty which impels every man to cry out mad-dog on the approach of a rabid animal urges me to make this effort to guard the public against one of the most cunning scoundrels with whom I have ever come in contact. This man is Charles


Plan of the N.W. frontier /

General rules from Kirby's perspective of architecture [text]

Poulson to James Madison, May 1, 1813.

David Bailie Warden to James Madison, January 26, 1813.

Paul Hamilton, January 2, 1813

Thomas Jefferson to Archibald Thweatt, January 8, 1813

Thomas Jefferson to John S. Barnes, January 17, 1813

Thomas Jefferson to John S. Barnes, September 18, 1813

Ariel Wood to Elbridge Gerry, September 13, 1813.

Thomas Jefferson to De Lormerie, April 3, 1813

Thomas Jefferson to John S. Barnes, June 28, 1813

Thomas Jefferson to Jeremiah Goodman, June 17, 1813

Thomas Jefferson to Robert Morrell, February 5, 1813

Andrew Jackson to J. Woods, August 10, 1813

William Berkeley Lewis to Andrew Jackson, November 21, 1813

Andrew Jackson, April 15, 1813

Cumberland College to Andrew Jackson, April 26, 1813

John Mountz to James Madison, May 1, 1813.

The Constitution & Guerriere. Tune- Landlady of France.

Plano proyecto para la división en solares, de la Manzana 24a. de la población de Panzacola, que se tenía destinada para fabricar el templo y otros edificios públicos, conforme á lo acordado y resuelto por el Ayuntamiento Constitucional de este Partido en las sesiones de los dias 5 y 11 del corriente mes y de la anuencia del Señor Ministro Principal de Hacienda Pública, por su oficio de 7. del mismo : cuio proyecto se formó de acuerdo con el Señor Regidor Dn Francisco Gomez ... comunicó el Secretario lo resuelto en sesion del mismo dia /

Plano borrador del nuevo proyecto para el arreglo de dos plazas en la población de Panzacola á los extremos oriental y occidental de la actual : determinación de la extension de cada una y la posción y dimensiones de los solares destinados para fabricar el templo y otros edificios públicos ... /

A new chart of Nantucket Shoals & George's Bank with the adjacent coast /

Plan of Fort Meigs' and its environs : compricing [sic] the operations of the American forces, under Genl. W.H. Harrison, and the British Army and their allies, under Genl. Proctor and Tecumseh /

John Armstrong to Andrew Jackson, January 5, 1813

Andrew Hynes, January 20, 1813

Leonard Covington to William T. Henderson, February 12, 1813

Plano del puerto del Rio Jeneyro en el Brasil en lat. S. 23⁰5ʹ y long. O. 37⁰ del mo. d. Cádiz, 1813 /

Hornet sinking the Peacock

The United States vs. the ship St. Lawrence. Appellants statement. [1813?].

James Lawrence Esqr. late of the United States Navy / Stuart pinxt ; Rollinson sct.

View of the River Wye [England]

The gay Lothario the great and celebrated amatuer of fashion / E---s [Elmes], scult.

Le Combat naval, gloire Américaine / Garneray,del ; Coquerel,sc.

From Dr. Gregory's encyclopedia [text]

[Cut] Offset of the Chesapeake, or The capture of Fort George and repulse of the enemy from Sacket's harbor. [1813].

[Closet with tower, roof]


[Structure, Ware and Kirby methods]

[Horizontal and vertical planes/ room interior]

General rules from Kirby's perspective of architecture

An ordinance to raise a revenue for the City of Richmond, for the year one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, and for the enforcing the payment of the same. (passed May, 17, 1813) ... [Richmond, Va.] Warrock, Pr [1813].

Practical and comparative perspective, English and French [text]

America /

Brillant naval victory [Cut] Yankee Perry, better than old English cider. "Tune--- Three Yankee pigeons." [11 stanzas of verse] [Boston] Printed by N. Coverly, Milk Street [1813].

Thomas Jefferson to Patrick Gibson, July 20, 1813

Cash in hand, occassioned by the capture of the British Packet Swallow. by Commodore Rodgers, with 260,000 dollars, in gold and silver on board. Boston printed by Nathaniel Coverly, Jun. Corner Theatre-Alley [1813].

Plan of the siege of St. Sebastian in the year 1813.

Commodore Rodgers, arrived! Boston Gazette-office. Monday morning 9 o'clock. More agreeable news. We have the pleasure of announcing that Com. Rodgers after a cruise of five months, has arrived at Newport, having taken, destroyed and ransomed 27

Wilkinson to W. Hampton, August 16, 1813. On Verso Wilkinson Aug. 15, 1813 letter.

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, August 23, 1813.

Gales & Seaton to Thomas Jefferson, September 15, 1813

Horatio G. Spafford to Thomas Jefferson, April 15, 1813, Circular

James Wilkinson to W. Hampton, August 15, 1813.

John Cocke to Willie Blount, November 27, 1813

Trimble to Robert Butler, November 22, 1813

John Dickson to John Coffee, March 23, 1813

Andrew Jackson to Nashville Bank, September 4, 1813

Thomas Hart Benton, September 10, 1813

Thomas Hart Benton to William Carroll, September 16, 1813

W. D. Kingman, November 23, 1813

[Cut] Sixth naval victory. The U. S. Brig. Enterprize of 14 guns, commanded by Lieut. William Burrows, took after an engagement of 45 minutes, the British Brig of War Boxer, of 18 guns, Capt. Bluth, who with about 50 of his men were killed and w

United States & Macedonian

Elegy, in remembrance of James Lawrence, Esquire: (Late commander of the United States Frigate Chesapeake.) [1813].

Tuesday, September 21st, (noon.) Most glorious news. Copy of a letter from Com. Perry to the Secretary of the Navy. U. S. Brig. Niagara, off the Western Sister, Head of Lake Erie, Sept. 10, 1813, 4 P. M. [Washington 1813].

Nakamura utaemon no fukuoka mitsugi

The spirit of the book - or anticipation of the year 1813

[Ornate fountain in the countryside] / G..., Desmaisons, sculp.

Capture of H.B.M. Frigate Macedonian, Capt. J.S. Carden by the U.S. frigate United States, Stephen Decatur, Esqr., Commander / painted by T. Birch, A.C.S.A. & P.A. ; engraved by B. Tanner, A.C.S.A.

Proposals for insuring houses, buildings, stores, ships in harbour, and on the stocks, goods, wares, and merchandize, from loss or damage by fire ... Middletown, October 1, 1813.

Unknown to Unknown

William Quarles to Andrew Jackson, July 21, 1813

[Cut] Pat's observations on Harrison's victory ... [Boston: Printed by Nathaniel Coverley, 1813].

[Cuts] A happy new-year to Commodore Rodgers, or, Huzza for the president and Congress. A song composed on the arrival of those frigates in Boston yesterday, (December 31, 1812,) with a good supply of the Ready Rhino [Boston] Printed by N. Cover

To the generous patrons of the Argus

"Impressed seamen from Salem. From the Salem Gazette of March 30, 1813. [and] April 2, 1813.

To the Republicans of Fayette, Woodford, and Jessamine

Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, February 7, 1813

John Armstrong to James Madison, September 26, 1813.

Thomas Jefferson to Theodorus Bailey, February 6, 1813

John Dickson to John Coffee, March 23, 1813

Thomas Jefferson to John Jacob Astor, November 9, 1813

Donald Fraser, August 31, 1813, Republican Certification

Thomas Jefferson to Nicholas Biddle, August 20, 1813

Andrew Jackson to Nashville Bank, August 24, 1813

Andrew Jackson to Jordan Bass, August 10, 1813

Thomas Jefferson to William Duane, September 18, 1813

William Carroll to Andrew Jackson, September 6, 1813

Andrew Jackson to Dulce May, September 4, 1813

[Circles and octagons]

Charles Morris to William Jones, July 15, 1813.

Thomas Jefferson to John S. Barnes, May 21, 1813

Thomas Jefferson to Patrick Gibson, April 16, 1813

Abraham G. Lansing to Richard Cutts, April 12, 1813.

Thomas Jefferson to Jeremiah A. Goodman, March 5, 1813

Maury County Citizens to John Coffee, December 20, 1813

William F. Gray to Thomas Jefferson, November 25, 1813