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Melanchthon, Philipp

Titelpaginavoor Chronica Carionis van P. Melanchthon

Sheperd with his Flock and a Dog

The Servants of Absalom killing Amnon (2 Samuel 13, 28-29); verso: Sketch of a seated woman

Saint Michael Expelling the Fallen Angels

Ecce Homo

Melanchthon, Philipp

Portrait of Cornelis de Vos

Allegory of Justice with Two Putti (after Lorenzo Sabatini's Fresco in Palazzo Vecchio, Florence)

Melanchthon, Philipp

Spalatin, Georg

Spalatin, Georg

Boleyn, Anne

Boleyn, Anne




Chemnitz, Martin

Chemnitz, Martin

Chemnitz, Martin

Chemnitz, Martin

Chemnitz, Martin

A Hunting Party

Heraldic Device: A Circular Design with a Ram's Head Framed by a Dragon Biting its Own Tail.

Pyramus and Thisbe

The Fall of Phaeton, from the series Ovid's Metamorphoses

Mercury Entering Herse's Room After Changing Agraulos to Stone, from Ovid, Metamorphoses, Book II

Bust-length Portrait of Torquato Tasso

Holy Family


The Lovers

Cartouche with Title: Nouvelles inventions de Cartouches

Madonna and Child in Glory

A child sleeping on a cushion, holding a piece of fruit (?), a curtain behind him, after Reni (?)

Triumph of Saint Ignatius and Saint Francis Xavier (Le Triomphe de Saint Ignace et de Saint François Xavier qui est au Collége de Louis le Grand...Paris)

Design for a Cartouche or Wall Panel with Scrollwork, Masks and Female Figures

Design for a Title Page - Angel of the Resurrection

Two Standing Men, One Carrying a Lamb

Man of Sorrows, after Guido Reni (recto); Studies of arm and hands (verso)

Pygmalion and Galatea

Sea Battle

The Visitation

The Reign of Heavens

Design for a sepulchral monument; verso: Design for a monument

Design for an Urn with Satyrs for Handles.

Landscape with River

Head of a Woman

A Saint Healing the Sick (recto); Upper Body of Nude Male with Outstretched Arms, seen from the rear (verso)

Drawing for a Frieze with Rinceau and Grotteschi

Head of a Woman

Architectural Design with Two Columns and Figure

Design for a Wall Elevation with Five Bays in the Doric Order

Nude Male with Two Putti

Standing Male Nude Figure

Head of a Child, copy of engraving by Luca Ciambulano

Three Studies for Spandrel Figures

Study of Ancient Soldiers

Judgment of Paris

River Scene

Putti Carrying Organ Pipes

Allegorical Figure with Wreath

Head of Bearded Old Man Shown in Profile, Looking Up

Studies for a Decorative Object (Banner or Pendentive?) Representing Allegorical Figures, One of Which Appears to Be Fortitude

Standing Soldier with a Spear

Design for a Wall Tomb with a Variant and Statues of the Resurrected Christ and a kneeling Donor

Heads of Goddesses (Flora, Diana, Ceres)

Horizontal Panel Design with Two Male Figures and a Putto Interspersed between Acanthus Rinceaux

Seated Nude Male in Profile View Facing Left with Arm Raised; Fragment of Study of Right Hand

Project for a Church Facade

Bust of a Man with a Broad Collar

Madonna and Child

Male Saint Standing on Cloud, Supported by Putti, Holding Infant Christ

Four Panels with Rinceau Motif

Saint Jerome in the Wilderness

Portrait of Bartholomeo Ehrenfüller(?)

The Annunciation (Angel Approaching from Left)

Acanthus Scroll

Design for a sepulchral monument with an allegory of Time; verso: Design for a column

A Portrait of a Man

Design for a Choir Screen with Donor Statues flanking a Crucifix

Busts of a Young Woman and an Old Bearded Man

Reclining Figure

Mother and Children (Charity?)

The Son of Moses Circumcised

Design for a doorway for a chapel

Saint Benedict and King Totila

Diogenes Throwing His Cup to the Ground

Saint Anthony of Padua

Virgin of the Immaculate Conception Standing on Clouds

Saint Jerome in the Wilderness

Two Horsemen

A Death Scene

Death of a Saint

Panel of Shutter Decoration of Two Putti with Garlands

Virgin of the Immaculate Conception Standing on Clouds

Horizontal Panel Design with Four Hybrid Male Figures and a Fantastical Creature Interspersed between Acanthus Rinceaux

Design for a Panel with a Depiction of Bacchus and Ariadne

Boy Holding a Sword, Standing near a Table in an Interior; verso: Various Sketches of Figures and Ornamental Forms

Architectural detail with Female Figures

La fourberie