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Valuation of land owned by James Wilkinson and Ann Biddle Wilkinson

Plan de la ville de la Veracruz /

Scheme of the review, for the 13th November, 1798. in pursuance of orders from Brigadier General Washington. The Inspector does himself the honor to enclose to the commanding officers of corps, his schemes for the reviews of the 22nd. Feb. 1796,

Thomas Jefferson to Aaron Burr, November 12, 1798

Thomas Jefferson to Letombe, March 23, 1798

Thomas Jefferson to Robert Patterson, March 31, 1798

Bucolica, Parisiis, In aedibus Palatinis, excudebam Petrus Didot, natu major, 1798. xi, 572 p. 23 plates. 50 cm.

Thomas Jefferson to Aaron Burr, May 28, 1798

Thomas Jefferson to Angelica Schuyler Church, January 11, 1798

Andrew Jackson to William Cocke, June 24, 1798

Le Boureau / Js. Gy. d. & ft.

Charles M. Talleyrand to Louis Pichon, September 28, 1798, Extract

Yatsushi takajō

(Circular.) In Council, 8th of January, 1798. Gentlemen, My official duty calls upon me to request your particular attention to the law relative to the appointment and duties of sheriffs ... Your most obedient servant. [Signed in Mss.] James Woo

Plan of the city of Washington.

Thomas Jefferson to Robert Patterson, March 27, 1798

Thomas Jefferson to James Monroe, March 21, 1798

Benjamin Smith Barton to Thomas Jefferson, October 26, 1798

Thomas Merriwether John Gibson, April 4, 1798, Deposition

Julian Niemcewicz to Thomas Jefferson, June 14, 1798

Yatsushi ide no tamagawa

Plan of the town of Alexandria in the District of Columbia, 1798 /

Stephen Moylan to James Madison, June 4, 1798.

Miuraya komurasaki shirai gonpachi

La parte orientale dell'antico e nuovo Messico con la Florida e la Bassa Luigiana dellineata sulle ultime osservazioni /

Thomas Jefferson to John McDowell, October 22, 1798

Thomas Jefferson to John McDowell, Jr., September 25, 1798

A map of the town of Rhinebeck in the County of Dutchess : surveyed in December 1797 and January 1798 /

Ase o fuku onna

A map shewing the progress of, discovery & improvement, in the geography of North Africa /

Maine /

Yaoya oshichi koshō kichiza

James Monroe to Enoch Edwards, February 12, 1798.

John Heckwelder to Thomas Jefferson, April 28, 1798

Thomas Jefferson to Thaddeus Kosciuszko, June 18, 1798, Fragment

Thomas Jefferson to Philip Nolan, June 24, 1798

Thomas Jefferson to Thaddeus Kosciuszko, May 30, 1798, Partly Illegible

Stevens T. Mason to Thomas Jefferson, January 4, 1798, with Bruce's Reply

Thomas Jefferson to Edward Livermore, January 29, 1798, Partly Illegible

Reduced chart of the Pacific Ocean : from the one published in nine sheets /

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, April 12, 1798

William Huston, April 18, 1798, Deposition on Michael Crepsap Murder

Plan of the city of Washington.

Thomas Jefferson to St. George Tucker, May 9, 1798

Phoenomenon [Cut] That beautiful full blooded stallion lately imported by Lang, Brierly & Co. from England, will stand for covering this season at the stable of Maj. Thomas Leavett, of Northampton. [Description of the horse] Stabling and pasturi

Chart of the Pacific Ocean : drawn from a great number of printed and ms. journals /

To the curious! Tuesday and Thursday evenings, will be exhibited, at a commodious room, in Mr. Dearborn's new building, at the South entrance of the narrow lane, leading from the theatre, to Milk-Street by Mr. Maginnis ... a grand medley of ente

Van Staphorst & Hubbard to Thomas Jefferson, May 30, 1798, Illegible

Thomas Jefferson to Marquis de Yrujo, March 23, 1798

Ecclesiastical scrutiny or The Durham inquest on duty

Albany. February 16, 1798. Connecticut Gore. On Wednesday last the House of Assembly, agreeable to the order of the day, proceeded to the consideration of the message of his Excellency the Governor, and the papers from the Connecticut Gore Compa

To all brave, healthy, able-bodied and well-disposed young men [...]

Battle between BONHOMME RICHARD and SERAPIS, Sept. 23, 1779

Carta que contiene la primera parte del Estrecho de Malaca desde la Punta del Rey hasta las Yslas de Daru segun Musur Dapres /

Abstract of rations for the guard at Drennon's Lick

Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin H. Latrobe, October 18, 1798

Hikitejaya mae no yuki usagi

Vorderseite des Marsfeldes, am 1 Vendemiaire des Jahres VII. Wettrennen. Verbrennen einer hölzernen Burg, durch Aerostaten.

Thomas Jefferson to John Page, January 2, 1798

Friends and Fellow Citizens! To-morrow will be an important day indeed; on your conduct will depend, whether or not we are to be overwhelmed, in the language held out by the party, "with the impetuosity of the victorious Buonaparte." [Advocating

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Willing, February 23, 1798

Canone à 8, Vienna, 16 Oct. 1798

Thomas Jefferson to Aaron Burr, May 20, 1798

Thomas Jefferson to Peter Carr, June 22, 1798

General orders. Head-quarters. Roxbury, May 1, 1798 ... By order of the Commander in chief. William Donnison, Adjutant-General. [Boston: Printed by Young and Minns, 1798].

Never performed in Boston. On Wednesday evening, Nov. 28 [1798] will be presented a drama in 5 acts, called the Castle Spectre. Written by the author of the celebrated novel, The Monk. Previous to the performance, the band will play a new overtu

Thomas Jefferson to Hugh Williamson, February 11, 1798, Fragment

The closet companion: an help to serious persons, in the important duty of self-examination. Intended to be fixed up on the Christian's usual place of retirement, in order to remind him of, as well as to assist him in, the work ... [Signed] G. B

Thomas Jefferson to Mann Page, March 6, 1798, Partly Illegible

Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Brown, March 25, 1798

William Bogar to John Hughes, September 9, 1798

De Freire to Thomas Jefferson, April 26, 1798

Thomas Jefferson to Van Staphorst & Hubbard, May 1, 1798, Illegible

Anthony Foster to W. Samuel Pearson, June 19, 1798

To the inhabitants of the Ward of the City of New York, being the Collection District of the State of New York. [Notification that the tax on houses, etc. authorized by Act of Congress of 14th July, 1798 is due] [New York, 1798].

Plan of the French invasion of England and Ireland, &c. Extract of a letter, dated London, April 16, 1798. [Followed by] Plan of invasion, by the powers of France, Spain and Holland against England & Ireland. Philadelphia: Printed by James Carey

Thomas Jefferson to Reverend James Madison, April 1, 1798

State of New-York. In Senate, August 17th 1798. Ordered that Mr. Foote and Mr. Frey deliver a copy of the resolution, (relative to the proposed amendments to the constitution of the United States) to the Hon. the Assembly and request their concu

Thomas Jefferson to Hugh Williamson, February 11, 1798

Stephen Moylan to James Madison, April 25, 1798.

Thomas Jefferson to Catharine Church, January 11, 1798

Kanbai ni bijin

Congress, 1798, Draft, Alien Sedition Acts

Thomas Jefferson to Timothy Pickering, May 11, 1798

C.G. Lamoignon de Malesherbes - né a Paris le 6 Décembre 1721 ; mort le 22 avril 1794 / Aubry del. ; Cardon sculp.

[Bend of the Missouri River].

Treason!!! / designed & etch'd by Rd. Newton.

Hikitejaya mae no yuki usagi

The narrows near New York 1798 / JFP.

Yu di quan tu.

Thomas Jefferson to James Monroe, February 8, 1798

Chart of the Galapagos /

Circular. State of Connecticut, Hartford, September 18th, 1798. We enclose you an act passed the 9th day of July last, entitled, "An act to provide for the valuation of lands and dwelling-houses, and the enumeration of slaves within the United S

New morality; or The promis'd installment of the high-priest of the Theophilanthropes, with the homage of Leviathan and his suite / Js. Gillray, inv. & fect.

A chart shewing part of the coast of N.W. America : with the tracks of His Majesty's sloop Discovery and armed tender Chatham /

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, May 24, 1798

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, October 26, 1798

Thomas Jefferson to Julian Niemcewicz, November 30, 1798

Thomas Jefferson to James Lewis, Jr., May 9, 1798

[Map of Missouri River and vicinity from Saint Charles, Missouri, to Mandan villages of North Dakota : used by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in their 1804 expedition up Missouri River].