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T. de Salimbeui to Martha Randolph, April 29, 1797, in French

A correct map of Connecticut from actual survey.

Samuel Bloodworth to Timothy Pickering, February 16, 1797

Shakspeare - Tempest, act 1, scene 1 / painted by G. Romney ; engraved by B[enjamin?] Smith.

A change of men and measures

Thomas Jefferson, March 1, 1797, Note

Thomas Jefferson to James Monroe, October 25, 1797

Thomas Jefferson to John Gibson, June 24, 1797

[Eight men around table, drinking and smoking; one is reading]

Yoshiwara suzume

C. Greer & P. Earle to W. Boyd, November 20, 1797

Thomas Jefferson to Count de Volney, August 5, 1797

Providence Episcopal church lottery No. [6705] This ticket will entitle the possession to such prize as may be drawn against is number, if demanded within six months. By order of the General Assembly of the State of Rhode-Island. November, 1797]

End of the Irish Invasion : - or - the Destruction of the French Armada / Js. Gillray, inv. et f.

Thomas Jefferson to Henry Tazewell, January 16, 1797

Thomas Jefferson to Donald Scott & Company, March 26, 1797, Bond Securing Debt

Arriere garde du Pape, ou la frayer du reverend pere caporal

Thomas Jefferson to William Murray, March 27, 1797

[Mrs] Hays

Thomas Jefferson to Giroud, May 22, 1797

Voyage de La Pérouse autour du Monde,

John Sinclair to Thomas Jefferson, June 20, 1797, Resolution

General Washington's Resignation

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, July 24, 1797

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, January 16, 1797

A plan of the city of Dublin : as surveyed for the use of the division[a]l justices to which have been added plans of the canal harbour and its junction with the Grand Canal, the Royal Canal, and every projection and alteration to the present time, 1797 /

Ann Hay to William O'Neal, August 29, 1797

Ecclesiastical history. Dr. Priestley having continued his History of the Christian Church from the fall of the Western Roman empire (to which period he had brought it before in two volumes 8vo) to the Reformation by Luther, is desirous of publi

Thomas Jefferson to Van Staphorst & Hubbard, November 25, 1797, Bond For Debt

James Madison to James Monroe, October 19, 1797.

[Eh bien, Messieurs! deux millions]

The North Association of Hartford County. To the piously and benevolently disposed within our limits. [regarding funds for support of missionaries]. Aaron Church, moderator. Done in Association, Farmington October 4, 1797.

Billy's Raree-Show or John Bull en lighten'd

Hampton-Court, Herefordshire / Engraved by J. Walker from an original drawing by W. Turner.

Rhode Island /

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Bell, May 18, 1797

Jing ban tian wen quan tu.

Thomas Jefferson to John Sinclair, March 12, 1797

Tamaya uchi shizuka

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., June 29, 1797

The Dermott or tin case map of Washington 1797-8.

To the citizens of America, and especially those of Philadelphia ... [Signed:] Vitis Gallo-Americana. Spring-Mill, 13 miles N. N. W. of Philadelphia, August 18, 1797. [Philadelphia, 1797].

Andrew Fitzhugh to Thomas Jefferson, September 15, 1797, Rights of Man Public Announcement from "Mr. F"

The danger of crim con! / Woodward del.

Poor Sawney in sweetbriars / Rd. Newton del et fecit.

Takezaiku no hebi

Loyal souls; or A peep into the mess-room, at St. James's / Js Gy, d. & fect.

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, June 29, 1797

Notification. The freeholders, and other inhabitants of the Town of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to meet at Faneuil-Hall, on Thursday the 11th day of May instant, at ten o'clock A. M. then and there to elect and depu

12th December, 1797. Committed to a committee of the whole House, to-morrow. A bill for the relief of the representatives of William Carmichael, deceased. [twenty-one lines] [Philadelphia: Printed by William Ross, 1797].

By the President of the United States of America. A proclamation. Whereas the constitution of the United States of America provides that the President may on extraordinary occassions convene both Houses of Congress ... I have therefore thought i

Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Rush, January 22, 1797


Thomas Jefferson to Mrs. William Carmichael, May 30, 1797

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., March 23, 1797

Thomas Jefferson to John Brown, April 5, 1797

Thomas Jefferson to James Wood, March 31, 1797

Sumidagawa funaasobi

Thomas Jefferson to Edward Stevens, June 14, 1797

Thomas Jefferson to Elbridge Gerry, May 25, 1797, Partly Illegible

Cries of London / Rd. Newn. del. et. fecit.

A list of the names, and places of residence of the members of the Senate and House of representatives of the United States. [Philadelphia, Printed by John Fenno. 1797]. [Positive photostat.].

Contemplations upon a coronet ; / Js Gy, inv. & ft.

Plano del Puerto y Bahía de Sa. Elena al O. de dicho Cabo en la costa oriental de Patagones, situada en la latitud S. 44⁰ 31ʹ en longitud de 310⁰ 55ʹ meridi[ano] de Tenerife, varia la aufa en este para[fe 18 gs.] NE /

Thomas Jefferson to Edmund Randolph, June 27, 1797

To the Public. As the election for members to represent this state in Congress approaches very fast, it is necessary to turn our thoughts to those who are suitable for the purpose; and all good men will readily agree that they ought to be truly

Elbridge Gerry to Thomas Jefferson, May 4, 1797

Titianus redivivus;-or-the seven-wise-men consulting the new Venetian oracle ; a scene in the Academic Grove, No. 1 / Js. Gy., invt. & fect.

Hero's recruiting at Kelsey's; - or- Guard-Day at St. James's / Js. Gy. ad vivam fect.

[Front facade and floor plan for 18th century building]

Ah! s'il y voyoit! / Vincent ino. et del. ; Commarieux sculpt.

List of foremen of the respective classes of cartmen, with their places of residence .... [Signed] Richard Varick, Mayor New York, December 1, 1797. [New York: Printed by George Forman, 1797].

A new map of Ireland : civil and ecclesiastical /

Memoir of a map of Ireland.

A bill to prevent citizens of the United States privateering against nations in amity with or against citizens of the United States ... [Philadelphia] Printed by John Fenno [1797].

In Council. January the 16th, 1797. Gentlemen, The Executive deem it essentially necessary that an accurate state of the commission of the peace in each County, should be known to them, in order that they may judge of the propriety of adding to

Yanagi no kezuribana

Thomas Jefferson to William Wardlaw, May 25, 1797, Partly Illegible

A plan of the island of Burlington : and a view of the city from the River Delaware /

Thomas Jefferson to John Stuart, August 15, 1797

Antonius Pius, Emperor of Rome, 86-161 A.D.

Thomas Jefferson to Allen Jones, May 22, 1797, Partly Illegible

Thomas Jefferson to John Moody, June 13, 1797

Expérience du parachûte. Le 1er Brumaire an 6 (22 octobre 1797. v.f.) à 5h. 28m. du soir, le citoyen Garnerin, s'éleva à ballon perdu au parc de Monceau ... / Simon Petit, peintre, del. sculp.

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, June 22, 1797

L'Anarchiste. Je les trompe tous deux / Son. Petit, peintre, sculpsit.

Thomas Jefferson to John Vaughan, August 31, 1797

James Madison to Oliver Wolcott, September 17, 1797. On Verso F. Taylor Sept 17, 1797.

The friend of humanity and the knife-grinder,-scene. The borough, in imitation of Mr. Southey's sapphics,-Vide. Anti-Jacobin, p. 15

Deborah Sampson

Le traité de paix avec Rome - baisez ca papa, et faite pate de velour / S. L'amerique inv. sculp.

Cries of London / Rd. Newn. del. et sculp.

[Poem: "Death! Great proprietor of all!" framed with full figure of Death thrusting spear at the sun]

Plano del Puerto del Mariel situado en la costa del N. de la ysla de Cuba en la latd. 23⁰5ʹ y en la longd. 293⁰16ʹ de Tenerife /

Thomas Jefferson to John F. Mercer, September 5, 1797

A new chart of the Mediterranean Sea /

Thomas Jefferson to Alexander White, September 12, 1797

General orders. Head-quarters, Boston, June 13th, 1797. [Signed] William Donnison, Adjutant general. [Boston: Printed by Young and Minns, 1797.].

Buonaparte at Rome giving audience in state / I.Ck.

[Theater and hotel building ("Theatre, Assembly Rooms and an hotel"), Richmond, Virginia. 8--perspective sketch]