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Sublime and beautiful reflections on the French revolution, or the man in the moon at large

Thomas Jefferson to William Short, September 6, 1790

Thomas Jefferson to Francis Coffyn, March 11, 1790

Thomas Jefferson to Elizabeth Carter, September 10, 1790, Imports and Exports

Thomas Jefferson to William Short, 1790, Note

Thomas Jefferson to Nicholas Lewis, May 3, 1790

Thomas Jefferson to Mercy Otis Warren, November 25, 1790

Philip Southall to James Madison, January 1, 1790. Receipt.

Thomas Jefferson to Richard Gem, April 4, 1790

[Aristocrats digging the Champ-de-Mars]

An act supplementary to the act for the establishment and support of light-houses, beacons, buoys, and public piers. [Philadelphia] Printed by John Fenno [1790].

Armand T. H. de Mirosmenial, September 6, 1790, in French

James Maury to James Madison, February 13, 1790.

Don Dismallo running the literary gantlet

Thomas Jefferson, December 28, 1790, Algerian Captives

[Cucumber or squash and eggplant]

William Short to John B. Cutting, June 11, 1790

McKean Co.


View of the court house in Salem Massachusetts / W. Gray, del. ; engraved by S. Hill.

Edmund Randolph to James Madison. 1790.

Thomas Jefferson to Nathaniel Barrett, August 11, 1790

Thomas Jefferson to William Fitzhugh, August 25, 1790, Fragment

Thomas Jefferson to Count Diodati, April 3, 1790

[Land ownership map of the William Bingham estate in Potter County, Pennsylvania /

Thomas Jefferson to John Churchman, November 24, 1790

Thomas Jefferson to John Coffin Jones, June 23, 1790

A census of the electors and inhabitants in the State of New York. taken in the year 1790, in pursuance of a law of the said state .... [New York] Printed by Childs and Swaine, printers to the state [1790].

Franc̦ois Pilatre de Rozier, né à Metz le 30. mars 1756, mort près de Boulogne sur Mer le 15. juin 1785

[The Part of Pennsylvania that lies between the forks of the Susquehannah, divided into townships.

"Extract from the Commission of Army Accounts to the Commissioner of Accounts", February 10, 1790.

Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, November 29, 1790, Note of Letter Received

Thomas Paine / Romney pinxt. ; Wright sculpt.

Thomas Paine

Thomas Jefferson to Francis Kinloch, November 26, 1790

Thomas Jefferson, June 22, 1790, French Bills of Sale

Unknown to Thomas Jefferson, April 4, 1790, Incomplete

Philip Pendleton to James Madison, March 1, 1790.


An act to authorize a grant of lands to the French inhabitants of Galliopolis, and for other purposes therein mentioned ... [179-].

[A man engaged in metalwork, appears to be melting statues to reuse the metal, with a kitten next to his left leg]

Le tems donnant les cendres à la noblesse et au clergé

Noah's Ark improved, or an attempt to land in the teeth of the wind

Giuseppe Girolamo Lalande / Demarchi, dis. ; Bonini, inc.

Thomas Jefferson to Charles Clay, January 27, 1790

Les moines aprenant à faire l'exercise

By the Honourable Oliver Wolcott Esquire, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in chief of the state of Connecticut. A proclamation ... I do hereby appoint Thursday, the fourteenth day of April next, to be observed as a day of puplick humiliation,

... An act for the government of the Territory of the United States, south of the river Ohio. [New York] Printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, [1790].

Jefferson, Venango & Armstrong.

Massachusetts Legislature, June 7, 1790, Resolution Transmitting Memorial from Consul of France

A narrative of the mutiny, on board His Majesty’s ship Bounty; London, Printed for G. Nichol, bookseller to His Majesty, 1790.

Flaming sword, or a sign from Heaven! Being a remarkable phenomenon seen in the State of New Hampshire in May last. [179-?].

The Stag, or Red Deer

Thomas Jefferson to Robert Leslie, June 27, 1790

Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, August 8, 1790

In Council, January 21, 1790. Gentlemen. A list of the pensions, who are still chargeable to the State, has been forwarded to you; but it you will perceive that the amount is considerable, and the payment will of course be burthersome to the pub

Thomas Jefferson to Richard Peters, June 13, 1790

Plano de la costa osidental del Río del Sinú hasta Ysla Fuerte y Punta de Piedras con sus plaseres y zondas y prespectiba del Navio Onesto Perdido y el Navio la Potensia y Balandra al Anclaecho /

Thomas Jefferson to John Bondfield, August 31, 1790

Michel G. J. de Crevecoeur to Thomas Jefferson, July 10, 1790

Rhode Island and Providence plantations united to the great American family. Providence, Monday, May 31, 1790. Saturday night, at eleven o'clock, an express arrived in town from Newport, with the important intelligence, that the convention of th

The country twenty-five miles round London : planned from a scale of one mile to an inch /

Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, July 20, 1790, Cover Only

Baron du Pont Duchambon, elève du roi à l'École royale militaire de Paris le jour ou il a voulu s'enlever dans le balon de Blanchard au Champs de Mars, 1784 / / Peint par son cousin eleve du Roi.

Assemblée nationale, abandon de tous les privileges, à Versailles sceance de la nuit du 4 au 5 aout 1789 / dessiné par C. Monnet, peintre du Roi ; gravé par Helman, de l'Académie des Arts de Lille en Flandre.

[Map of Carrollsburg showing its street and lot system with the later streets and lots of Washington D.C. superimposed] /

Thomas Jefferson to Richard Stockton, December 15, 1790

Thomas Jefferson to Roger Alden, July 25, 1790

[Two female figures celebrating the birth of America among the family of nations] / G. Gallager, del. ; engrav'd by S. Hill.

Baptism of Edward I / M. Brown Jr.

Thomas Jefferson to David Howell, July 21, 1790

Le corps Aristocratique sous la figure d'une femme expirant dans les bras de la Noblesse &c.

Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, February 14, 1790

Lemesurier & Company to Thomas Jefferson, September 8, 1790, Account Charges

Thomas Jefferson to Charles Bellini, June 13, 1790

David Allison to Andrew Jackson, November 8, 1790

Venango Co.

Cela ne se dit pas mais cela se devine / AV [monogram].

Thomas Jefferson to Robert Bruce and Peter Bruce, March 29, 1790

[Title page ornament] / C.W. Peale delt. ; Thackara & Vallance sculpt.

Richard Harrison to Thomas Jefferson, December 4, 1790, Extract

Plano del Río Guazaquacos situado en la costa del S. del seno mexicano, Provina. de Guadalapa. /

Thomas Jefferson to David Rittenhouse, June 17, 1790

Poppen o fuku musume

E. Sugar Creek, Bradford Co.

Jing ban tian wen quan tu /

Thomas Jefferson to Henry Remsen, Jr., August 14, 1790, Receipt

Unknown to Thomas Jefferson, 1790, Fragment

Allons plus de distinction ce malheur commun nous rend égaux

Thomas Jefferson to Fulwar Skipworth, June 23, 1790


Thomas Jefferson to William Temple Franklin, April 20, 1790

Thomas Jefferson to Edward Dowse, April 1, 1790

Thomas Jefferson to Charles Carroll, June 13, 1790

Thomas Jefferson to Joseph Willard, April 1, 1790

Excise inquisition erecting by English slaves under the scourge of their task-masters the excise officers

Thomas Jefferson to William Short, November 1790, Draft Notes

Thomas Jefferson to Nicholas Lewis, June 11, 1790

Thomas Jefferson to Elias Boudinot, June 29, 1790

Thomas Jefferson to Unknown, August 8, 1790, Incomplete