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Thomas Jefferson, 1775, Summary of British Armaments Act

Lord Camden's speech on the New-England fishery bill. Newport: Printed by S. Southwick [1775].

We the subscribers do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the United Colonies of America, to serve from the date hereof until the fifteenth day of January next, if the service requires it; and each one of us do engage to furnis

Carte réduite des îles Antilles, au nord du 13me.degré de latitude.

Notification. All persons who are desirous of leaving the Town of Boston, are hereby called upon to give in their names to the Town-Major forthwith. By order of his Excellency the General. James Urquhart, Town-Major. Boston, 24th of July, 1775.

Philadelphia, January 2, 1775. Proposals for printing by subscription, a free and impartial weekly news paper, to be entitled, The Pennsylvania Ledger, or the Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New-Jersey weekly advertiser; upon the following condition

New-York, April 27, 1775. To the public. As many publications have appeared from my press which have given offense to the colonies, and particularly to many of my fellow citizens, I am therefore led, by a most sincere regard for their favourable

Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay To [blank] Field officers of the [blank] Regiment of militia in the County of [blank] Greeting. You are hereby directed to fill up and deliver commissions to all such captains and subalterns, as have been elected

Prospect Hill. Bunker’s Hill. I. Seven dollars a month. - - I. Three pence a day. II. Fresh provisions, and in plenty. - - II. Rotten salt pork. III. Health. - - - - III. The scurvy. IV. Freedom, ease, affluence and a good farm. IV. Slavery, beg

In Provincial congress, Concord, April 12, 1775. Whereas the preservation of our country from slavery, depends under God on an effectual execution of the continental and provincial measures for that purpose. [Resolutions to secure compliance wit

By his Excellency the Right Hon. John Earl of Dunmore, his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, and Vice admiral of the same: A proclamation. Virginia, to wit. Whereas I have been informed that a cert

Committee- Chamber, New-York, April 28, 1775 Gentlemen. The distressed and alarming situation of our Country, occasioned by the sanguinary measures adopted by the British ministry, (to enforce which, the sword has been actually drawn against our

Fresh advices from the American army. Camp at Cambridge, May 28, 1775. Yesterday a party from the United American army was ordered to take the cattle, hay, &c. from Noddle's and Hog Islands ... [Providence] Printed by J. Carter. [1775].

N.B. The regulars, when in Concord, burnt the courthouse ...

In Congress, May 17, 1775. Resolved that all exportations to Quebec, Nova-Scotia, the Island of St. John’s Newfoundland, Georgia, except the Parish of St. John’s and to East and West Florida immediately cease … May 29 Resolved that no provisions

In Provincial congress Watertown, June 15, 1775. Whereas some of the inhabitants of the plantations in this Colony, not incorporated, and some of the inhabitants of the neighbouring colonies, together with a number of the late inhabitants of the

An humble address and exhortation to the Provincial general officers, and soldiers in Connecticut, June 1775. [s. l.]

Cambridge, 21st August, 1775. Wanted for the Continental army. One million of bricks. Three thousand cords of fire wood. Two hundred thousand and bushels of charcoal. One hundred and fifty tons of English hay. Twelve hundred bushels of Indian co

George Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, April 6, 1775, Records of Virginia Land Grants

A short and sincere declaration, to our Honorable Assembly, and all others in high or low station of administration, and to all friends and inhabitants of this Country, to whose sight this may come be they English or Germans [A Mennonites protes

To the public. Having already signed the association, recommended by the General Committee of New-York, voluntarily and freely; --- for the further satisfaction of the respectable public, I hereby declare, That is my unalterable resolution rigid

In Provincial congress. New Hampshire, August 25th 1775. Whereas it is necessary that an exact account of all the inhabitants of this Colony should be taken, in order to be transmitted to the Congress of the United American colonies; therefore r

To the citizens of New-York. December 30, 1775. Fellow-Citizens. The design of electing a new Assembly at this time, is plainly to distract your attention ... [Signed] A poor Man. [blank] [New York, 1775].

An act to restrain the sending of provisions to Cape-Breton, or any other French port or settlement, on the Continent of North America, or Islands night or adjacent thereto. [New York: Printed by James Parker, 1755].

A map of the most inhabited part of Virginia containing the whole province of Maryland : with part of Pensilvania, New Jersey, and North Carolina /

Exact plan of General Gage's lines on Boston Neck in America.

A chart of the harbour of Boston

A plan of the town and harbour of Boston and the country adjacent with the road from Boston to Concord, shewing the place of the late engagement between the King's troops & the provincials, together with the several encampments of both armies in & about Boston. Taken from an actual survey.

A Map of 100 miles round Boston.

To the publick. I the subscriber, Abraham H. Van Vleck, of the City of New York, knowing I have committed a most atrocious crime against my country ... in shipping privisions to Nantrucket ... make a free and voluntary gift of the Sloop Henry an

To the respectable inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. Friends and Fellow Citizens! [On trade and representation in the next Congress] By order of the Committee. Isaac Low, Chairman. New York, 29th March, 1775 [New York: Printed by J

The provinces of New York, and New Jersey; with part of Pensilvania, and the province of Quebec.

An accurate map of North and South Carolina with their Indian frontiers, shewing in a distinct manner all the mountains, rivers, swamps, marshes, bays, creeks, harbours, sandbanks and soundings on the coasts; with the roads and Indian paths; as well as the boundary of provincial lines, the several townships and other divisions of the land in both the provinces;

An accurate map of North and South Carolina with their Indian frontiers, shewing in a distinct manner all the mountains, rivers, swamps, marshes, bays, creeks, harbours, sandbanks and soundings on the coasts; with the roads and Indian paths; as well as the boundary or provincial lines, the several townships and other divisions of the land in both the provinces;

The Coast of West Florida and Louisiana : the Peninsula and Gulf of Florida or Channel of Bahama with the Bahama Islands /

A plan of the city of New-York & its environs to Greenwich, on the North or Hudsons River, and to Crown Point, on the East or Sound River, shewing the several streets, publick buildings, docks, fort & battery, with the true form & course of the commanding grounds, with and without the town. Survey'd in the winter, 1775 [i.e. 1766]

To the inhabitants of New York, and all the British Colonies, New-York, 20th April 1775. The following very interesting accounts were yesterday received by the Snow Gen Johnson Capt. Dean, in 31 days from England ... [New York 1775].

The congress / P.E.D. inv. & delin. ; R. Aitkin sculp.

Committee-Chamber, New York 1st May, 1775. Whereas it appears by the public papers, that all exportation from Philadelphia to Quebec, Nova-Scotia, Georgia, and Newfoundland, or any part of the fishing coasts, or fishing islands, is suspended; an

A plan of the sea coast from Boston Bay to the light house near Rhode Island, reduced from the large survey.

A map of the British colonies in North America, with the roads, distances, limits, and extent of the settlements, humbly inscribed to the Right Honourable the Earl of Halifax, and the other Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners for Trade & Plantations,

[A Native American presents map to Europe?] / R.R. inv & fect.

Miss V-gh-n [and] the American hero

[A scene in the West Indies showing Natives on the beach with a British sailor and three large casks, and two ships in the harbor]

North America from the French of Mr. d'Anville improved with the English surveys made since the peace.

By the lion & unicorn, dieu & mon droit ...


A correct view of the late battle at Charlestown : June 17th, 1775 /

Nidaime bandō mitsugorō

Major Genl. Howe's encampment on Bunkers Hill at Charles T., June 1775.

Fresh intelligence. Monday. November 6, 1775. Williamsburg, (Virginia) Oct. 28. After Lord Dunmore, with his troops and the navy, had been for several weeks seizing the persons and property of his Majesty's peaceable subjects in this colony, on

The address of the Lords and Commons to his Majesty, on the present state of America, &c. From the London Gazettee, of February 11. ... [Philadelphia] Printed by John Dunlap [1775].

Head-Quarters, Cambridge, November 1775. The generals flatter themselves that the new establishment of the army will not be less agreeable to the men in general, than it is calculated for action and economy … [An address to the soldiers.] [Cambr

The Provincial Congress at their meeting having unanimously chosen the following worthy gentlemen, to represent this colony at the general Congress, to be held at Philadelphia, on the 10th of May next ... The friends to liberty, in testimony of

[Public apology by Robt. & John Murray, NY, 1775]

A machine for delivering persons from burning houses / R. Aitken sculp.

Plan of the action which happen'd 17th. June 1775, at Charles Town, N. America.

The following letter was some nights ago thrown in among the sons of Liberty. New-York, March 17th, 1775. Gentlemen. As there seems to be a great diversity of opinions among the friends of liberty in regard to the conduct which the inhabitants o

Boston & harbour.

In Provincial congress, Watertown, April 23, 1775. Resolved that the selectmen of each town in this Colony be, and hereby are directed to furnish each non-commissioned officer and private soldier that shall be inlisted in the province service, f

In council, December 1, 1775. Whereas it is of the utmost importance to the inhabitants of this Colony, as well as the American army, that the fortifications at Cambridge and Roxbury be effectually defended and his Excellency General Washington

To the military officers, select-men, and Committee of correspondence in the town of [blank] Gentlemen, Your are hereby most earnestly requested to procure the execution of the subsequent resolve with the greatest possible expedition. In Provinc

A short and sincere declaration, to our Honorable Assembly, and all others in high or low station of administration, and to all friends and inhabitants of this Country, to whose sight this may come be they English or Germans [A Mennonites protes

In Congress, at Watertown, April 30, 1775. Gentlemen, The barbarous murders on our innocent brethren on Wednesday the 19th instant, has made it absolutely necessary that we immediately raise an army to defend our wives and our children from the

In Provincial congress, Watertown, June 29, 1775. Resolved that thirteen thousand coats be provided as soon as may be, and one thereof given to each non-commissioned officer and soldier in the Massachusetts forces, agreeable to the resolve of co

The American hero: a sapphick ode by Nath. Niles. A. M. Norwich, (Connecticut) October 1775.

Characteristick[sic] Chicasan head

Boston, May, [blank] 1775. Permit together with his family, consisting of persons, and [blank] effects to pass [blank] between sunrise and sunset. By order of his Excellency the Governor. No arms nor ammunition is allowed to pass.

[Candidacy announcement of Henry Brevoort, 1775]

A new map of Ayr Shire comprehending Kyle, Cunningham & Carrick : the scale one inch to a mile /

A new invented machine, cleansing docks, or deepning [sic] rivers

An association, proposed to the loyal citizens. Agreeable to the proclamation issued by His Excellency the Honorable Major-General William Howe, Commander in chief of His Majesty’s forces, &c. &c. &c. We his Majesty’s loyal subjects of the Town

A Plan of the coast from Cape Anne in north latitude 42⁰42ʹ & 70⁰33ʹ west longitude from Greenwich: ... to Isle Scattery in long. 50⁰40ʹ & latitude 46⁰ [0]ʹ north, ... including the isle of Sable.

Map of the environs of Roxbury showing roads to Jamaica, Cambridge, Dorchester, Milton, etc.

Boston, S. West part. No. 25.

A Plan of the battle, on Bunkers Hill fought on the 17th of June 1775,

A plan of the town and chart of the harbour of Boston : exhibiting a view of the islands, castle forts, and entrances into the said harbour.

[An accurate map of North and South Carolina, with their Indian frontier, shewing in a distinct manner all the mounta]ins, rivers, swamps, marshes, bays, creeks, harbours, sandbanks and soundings on the coasts; with the roads and Indian paths; as well as the boundary or provincial lines, the several townships, and other divisions of the land in both the provinces;

New York, May 8, 1775. Extract of a letter from Philadelphia, to a gentleman in this City, dated the 6th instant. Yesterday evening Dr. Franklin arrived here from Londin in six weeks, which he left the 20th of March, which has given great joy to

By the packet just arrived here and Captain Spain at Philadelphia from England, we have the following interesting advices ... Printed by J. Holt [1775].

[Page from 18th Century almanac: Astronomer looking at heavens through telescope, 1775]

In Provincial Congress, Watertown, June 8, 1775. Whereas it is necessary to have as soon as may be, a return of the number and equipment of the forces raised by this colony; and whereas it is of the utmost importance that such returns should be

In Provincial congress, Watertown, June 30, 1775. Resolved that all offences committed by any of the soldiers rais’d for defence of the sea coast, shall be tried by a Court martial, consisting of the field officers of the regiment of militia wit

New-York, Committee Chamber, 29th May, 1775. Whereas the public service of the Colony may render large supplies of the following articles absolutely necessary ... [Ten articles of supply not to be disposed of, and requiring report of quantity on

Orders. Thursday, July 27, 1775. The Light Infantry company to the Third Battalion are desired to meet at the Carpenters Hall, next Saturday Morning, at Seven o'clock, on business of importance. George Morgan.

In Provincial Congress. New-York, August 29th 1775. Whereas the Commander of his Majesty's Ship Asia, under pretence of protecting the King's Property, did in the dead of the night of the 23d instant, most unwarrantably fire on the south part of

His Majesty's most gracious speech to both houses of Parliament, on Friday, October 27, 1775 ... [New York? 1775].

New-York, Sunday 23d April, 1775. The following interesting advices, were this day received here, by two vessels from Newport, and by an express by land [The first news of the battle of Lexington and Concord] [New York, 1775].

To the freemen, freeholders, and other inhabitants of the City of New York. My friends, and fellow citizens. You cannot possibly be ignorant, that the inverate foes of America freedom (in this City) have for a long time past, been indefatigable

Watertown, November 18, 1775. You have hereunder, copies of two resolves, one passed by the American congress, and the other by our General court, relative to collecting the proper evidences of the depredations made by the ministerial army and n

Virginia Gazette (newspaper), February 4, 1775, Article on Speech by Chief Logan (Indian Warrior)

North America from the French of Mr. d'Anville improved with the English surveys made since the peace.

An accurate map of North America. Describing and distinguishing the British and Spanish dominions of this great continent; according to the definitive treaty concluded at Paris 10th Feby. 1763. Also all the West India Islands belonging to, and possessed by the several European princes and states.

Plan of Charles Town, with the intrenchments, and encampment of His Majesty's troops, after the action of the 17th. June 1775.

A plan of the bay and harbor of Boston, surveyed agreeably to the orders and instructions of the Right Honorable the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, to Samuel Holland, Esqr., His Majesty's Surveyor General of Lands for the Northern District of North America,

Ōkanaya uchi suminoto

Nakamura nakazō

The congress or the necessary politicians

An old fox tarr'd and feather'd

The plot discovered, communicated by letter from a worthy American patriot in London, to his friends in this Country, dated March 15, 1775. [New York? 1775].