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Tartariae sive Magni Chami Regni tÿpus.


Christ in Gethsemane

Two Plans and Elevations for Fountains

Portrait of Henry VII

Grotesque Decoration and Ceiling Designs (Recto); Geometric Design (Verso)

A Vase

Jonas, Justus

Philip Melanchthon, Full-Length Towards the Right

Elevation of a wall with partial pilasters, reliefs, and niche figures


Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae: Portraits of the Ancient Philosophers

Right and Left Halves of Three Candelabras

Design for a Ceiling: Male Figure with a Trident and Another Figure in a Horse Drawn Chariot

Elevation of a Main Altar with an Alternate Design

Jonas, Justus

Two Plans and Elevations for Fountains

Design for a Double Tomb

Thetis Seated with a Triton

Plan and Elevation for a Fountain



Vaisravana, Guardian of the North

Two Designs for Carved Panels

Ornamental Design with Eagles and Mythological Figures

Melanchthon, Philipp

Christ and the Woman of Samaria

The Birth of the Virgin

Antique-Style Ornamental Frieze Design: Lettered Panels, Rinceaux, and Masks

Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae: Romulus and Remus Building the Walls of Rome

Composition for a Spandrel

The Birth of the Virgin

People Fleeing a Burning City

Decoration for a Spandrel in a Cove

Sketch for a Ceiling

Scourging of Christ

A Saint Healing a Sick Man

Madonna and Children

Two Plans and Elevations for Fountains

Virgin and Child Worshipped by Three Bishops

Design for the Tomb of Christophe de Thou (d. 1582)

Court Cupboard (recto); Half-page of rectangles, numbered and lettered (verso)

Naval Battle (Recto); Forest with Angel (Verso)

Portrait of a Man

Head of a Young Woman, a Probable Finial for Fountain or other Type of Waterwork.

Ornamental drawing

Design for a Tomb with Herms and a Niche with a Bust Portrait

Ground Plan of a Pavillion

Christ Bound

The Holy Trinity

Tomb of Cecchino Bracci, S. Maria in Araceoli, Rome


Figure in Roman Dress (Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus) and Study of Two Helmets (recto); Sketches and Latin Inscription (verso)

Philip Melanchthon, Full-Length Towards the Right

Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae: The Column of Trajan

Portrait of La Val de Pramence

Profile of a Design for a Tomb with a Male Bust

Massacre of the Innocents

Youth with two old Men

The Holy Family with Angels

Roman Galley

The Volto Santo of Lucca

Decoration for a Spandrel in a Cove


Wall Decoration

Battle Scene with the Emblems of the Farnese Family.

The Agony in the Garden

Project for Decoration (Stage Setting)

Woman and Old Man Seated

People celebrating at the coronation of Ferdinand II in Frankfurt

Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae: The Colosseum

Rest on the Flight to Egypt

Studies of a Dog

Design for a Bucket

Nymph Playing a Horn (recto); Bracket with a Man's Head (verso)

The Prison


Melanchthon, Philipp

Justus, Jonas

Plan for a Church with a Nave (recto); Framing Outlines (verso)

Architectural Sketches and a Figure (recto); Figure and Anatomical Sketches (verso)

Jonas, Justus

Santa Maria in Vallicella, elevation; plan (recto) blank (verso)

Male Saint

Virgo in Fide Fundata Sum

Wall Monument

Sketch for Ceiling Decoration

Melchizedek Offering Bread and Wine

Copy of Bear Hunt

Saint Margaret and the Dragon

Figure Studies and an Entablature

Frieze with Medici Coat of Arms and Putti (Embroidery Design?)

Youth with two old Men

A Roman Triumph

Design for a Lady's Tomb

Metamorphic picture

Seated Man, Precariously Balanced, Playing Bagpipes


The Adoration of the Shepherds (Cartoon)

Study of a Standing Male Nude