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Why We Built - Updated

11/17/22 01:30:00


How It Started

 More than 5 years ago we decided to create a service for people who need copyright-free media for their creatives, and we chose to be fully dependent on users.

 Picryl began as an educational tool. With the advent of social media, we felt that we must do something to change the content our children consume. Here is the GetArchive co-founder's post from 2017 with our vision at that time: Why We Built, the Largest Public Domain Search Engine.

Fast forward, our user base expanded to students, academia, researchers of all kinds, book illustrators, film directors, YouTubers, artists, you name it.

What We Do

  • We provide access to our Search Engine
  • We provide access to AI Similarity Engine (actually a handful of different similarity engines under the hood)
  • We offer a way to upload, store and share public-domain media on your own domain

 All This - For FREE. Anyone can download our images with sizes up to 1024px - free. That is enough for everything but professional production.

How We Pay Our Bills

  • We require donations ONLY for high-resolution and ultra-high-resolution downloads.
  • The amount of donation is flexible and can be as small as $2, one-time, or periodical. We are grateful to users who comment on donate, regardless if comments are critical or cheerful.
  • If you need public domain copyright-free media for professional production on a regular basis we offer an upgrade: unlimited access to original resolution downloads, as well as to our state-of-the-art AI upscale. It is $25 per month or $84 annually.

 Our Ai-backed upscale doubles the size of images - up to 5K+ pixels.

 It is relatively easy to build web crawlers and pay for huge online storage. It is much harder to generate hundreds of millions of relevant tags and descriptions to aid search - our AI image recognition machines are built just for that. What is really challenging, is to compete with multi-billion advertising juggernauts for user attention. We do our best to make it fun to browse through treasures of world history and art.

 Learn more about us

 Consider contributing media

 Consider supporting us by donating and upgrading

 We need your feedback: please contact us 24/7 at [email protected]

 We hope you enjoy our service, and eventually, will support our mission if you did not already! Your support is all we have.

Thank you!