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New Collections: Historical Discoveries

11/10/22 02:01:00

We just broadened the scope of our collections with 10 recent collections dedicated to historical events and prominent personalities of the 19th century. We especially encourage you to check out the following three collections:

Braille Alphabet – related to the creation of the alphabet for the blind.
The Great Exhibition – related to the first-ever international exhibition of manufactures
Elizabeth Cady Stanton - one of the first, if not the first member of the Suffrage movement

Collections cover a specific period of time rich in events of enormous influence wich defined aesthetics, mass culture, and literature for decades.

At that time, the Age-of Wisdom mindset of socio-historical optimism, rational ideas, and a scientific approach, suddenly collided with newly discovered radical individualism, increasing the gravitation of mass consciousness towards irrational, and long-forgotten medieval-like eschatological sentiments.

Our next selections will be focused on the institution of monarchy, notable monarchs, emperors, kings, and queens, as well as the histories of their reigns.

Stay Tuned!