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Image Similarity Engine

08/16/22 20:36:00

Recently we figured out huge image sets such as 35,000 steam locomotives (a significant percentage of all locomotives ever built). Exciting?

Now, we add AI image recognition into the search equation - and it delivers something unexpected and amazing. Today, we introduce a revolutionary (not a joke) Image Similarity Engine.

For any image such as this cover featuring Marilyn Monroe we now have three substantially different recommendation sets:

  1. Similar - images that are visually alike - in composition, objects, colors, and style
  2. Related - similar in titles & descriptions, including cross-language matches
  3. Explore - wider recommendations 

Please check these similar sets, visit our collections, and, if you like what we do, support us as we totally depend on users like you - donate and upgrade if you are not yet done so.

Find more about what are doing and what we've done so far - GetArchive Progress Report