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04/10/21 16:58:00

In 2020 millions of images became available within the world's Public Domain due to digitalization, copyright expiration, and growing media dedication. Almost all archives, museums, and libraries that offer free online resources were hit by COVID and were not able to match this growth online.

Today, Picryl is the largest Public Domain source on the edge of exponential growth. We add about 1 million new media objects per month and our web traffic doubles every quarter or two. This is a good problem to have, however, the faster we grow our library and user base - the faster our costs increase.

Your support is crucial right NOW, as we've just reached 18,000,000 images and documents hosted by us! With your help, we will continue finding, tagging, and adding 1M objects every month!

The best way to help is to upgrade your account and unlock cool features, like upscaling, tagging, and AI tools:

We need your help to keep growing and expanding our free library of historical and modern copyright-free media. Help us to develop faster, and more efficient search algorithms, with more results and gain full access to our Public Domain media archives and the best available image resolutions. Thank you!