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22 Million Media Assets

10/31/21 17:15:00

This week we went over 22 million media assets on - 22.7M to be exact! This includes 12.5 million images and more than 10 million historical documents. And there is more!

Three Languages

We believe that people in all countries deserve public domain media to be found and downloaded easily, legally, and instantly. It's our mission to help you find and access ALL public domain images available today! So, we've translated about 75% of our site's content to German and Russian - in addition to already available English. So, in terms of volume, we now are among the largest national websites in German and Russian languages. Our connection to worldwide audiences grows stronger with each new language!

New AI-backed Search Engine is Coming

The volume of the database does not matter if you miss the efficient ways to find what you are looking for. That's why we are building yet another AI machine to understand the meaning behind natural language requests and match them with media we already indexed. Every search should deliver many times more relevant results!

Get Your Own Files Published

And one more thing: do you know that you can save and publish your own family archives? When you upload your images, our AI helps to tag and annotate them!


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