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Break the Language Barrier

02/25/21 17:23:00

How many languages do you need to know to search across the world's images: Just one - your own! Languages define and divide cultures, and preserve and isolate sharing ideas and knowledge. Nowadays we are more connected than ever, so isn't it about time we bridged the language gap?

Multi-lingual media search in 130+ languages is here on Picryl today! You can now use virtually any language in the search bar - results may differ if there are many relevant media with original language annotations same as the request's language, but media files with foreign language annotations will also be shown.

More, we localized the Picryl user interface and translated about 50% of millions media descriptions into three languages:

Picryl in English

Picryl in German

Picryl in Russian

It's our mission to make all the Public Domain media available for anyone on the planet.