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Zigzag journeys in northwest lands. The Rhine to the Arctic (1884) (14583070659)


Zigzag journeys in northwest lands. The Rhine to the Arctic (1884) (14583070659)



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Title: Zigzag journeys in northwest lands. The Rhine to the Arctic
Year: 1884 (1880s)
Authors: Butterworth, Hezekiah, 1839-1905. (from old catalog)
Publisher: Boston, Estes and Lauriat
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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9 The main line of the Baden railway runs southward towards Freiburg, amidsome of the most picturesque mountain scenery of the Black Forest. Thesecond station is Buhl,from which a delight-ful excursion may bemade to Forbach andthe Murg Valley. Here may be seenthe extensive ruins ofthe old castle of Win-deck, which was de-stroyed in the year1561, about which avery remarkable storyis told. The old lords ofWin deck were veryquarrelsome people.They had feud afterfeud with the neigh-boring lords, and werecontinually at war withthe Prince Bishops ofStrasburg. Queer times werethose, and queer rela-tions existed betweenthe Church and . State.The Lord of Windeckwas at one time kid-napped by the Bishopof Strasburg, and con-fined in a tower threeyears, — a thing thatwould not be regardedas a very clerical or spiritual proceeding to-day. A little later the Dean of Strasburg was surprisedbv the retainers of the Lord of Windeck, and was in turn carried a prisoner to the gray old castle of Windeck.
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FOUNTAIN AT SCHAFFHAUSEN. IOO ZIGZAG JOURNEYS IN NORTHERN LANDS. The captive dean had a niece, a lovely girl, who was deeply attached to him.When she heard of his captivity she was much grieved, and set herself todevising plans for his release. At the foot of the grim old castle, in the Black Forest, there lived an oldwoman. She was wiser than her neighbors, and was regarded as a witch. Shewas able to tell inquirers whatever they wished to know, and so was as usefulas a newspaper, in her day and generation. She was the last of her family. She lived alone, and her only society wassome pure white hens, so large that the biggest of modern Shanghai fowls musthave been mere pygmies to them. The people of the region were very shy of the old woman and her strangehens. The timid never ventured past her door after dark, after her hens wentto roost. She was surprised one winter evening by a rap at her door. She listened. Tap, tap, tap! Come in. A fair young girl lifted the latch. I am belated i





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