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Zigzag journeys in Europe - vacation rambles in historic lands (1880) (14785047795)


Zigzag journeys in Europe - vacation rambles in historic lands (1880) (14785047795)



Image from Zigzag journeys in Europe : vacation rambles in historic lands
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et wide and a mile in length, graced with noble monuments. I bowery pleasure-grounds. It is considered one of the ma ts in the world.»und you are shops with splendid windows, statues, public gardens, birds, and flower-; above you are houses si\ or right stone high : above these, on the rocky hillsides, are queer old buildings <other 1: id high over all is the Castle, cold and grand on its rod thro I -hall rest to-morrow,boys,said Master Lewis, and shall let yc \m at will. Let us spend the evening in one of the public gardens. The party went to one of these fragrant street-garden and of the Duchess of Sutherlands Own, as n certain Highlai led, filled the quiet air with delicious music. The sun withdrew his light from the street, the gardens, and th the hills, but the Castle stood long in the mellowed glo^ n l«-ft even the Castle at last, and then began a specjn illusion or fairy-land. twinkle in the streets; then in the tall windoi T
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THE LAND OF SCOTT AND BURNS. 79 above them. Now and then a whole face of an antique pile was illuminated ; now some little eyrie that seemed hanging in air burst into flame ; now a line of terraces began to twinkle. The lights crept up the hillsides even-where. I never saw any thing so beautiful ! said Ernest YVynn. Every one talks of the Castle in Edinburgh, and the boys paid their first visit to it, and saw it in its morning glory. On the highest plat-form of the Castle, three hundred and eighty-three feet above the sea,stands the celebrated old cannon Mons Meg, made in Mons, in Brit-tany, in i486. It had figured in so many wars and historic scenes, that the Scottish people came to regard it as a national relic. The site ofthe Castle is about seven hundred feet in circumference, and on three sides it seems just a bare rock, rising almost perpendicularly in air. The boys next visited Arthurs Seat, a high rock on the top of a hill, in which there is a fan





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