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Xi cha hui cao : er juan

Xi cha hui cao : er juan

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Purportedly taken from the collections of Tian Yi Pavilion by a person from the Han lin yuan. The collection seal on the right side of the bottom of the cover has been removed. The book was used to compile the collection Si ku quan shu. It includes text and paintings about lumbering methods, tools, equipment, and craftsmen.
In case.
Sheet inserted in volume reads: "Lumber industry in Szechuan in the 16th century. The Hsi-ch'a hui-ts'ao was written by Kung Hui, a member of the Imperial Board of Works, and printed in 1533. This work illustrates the methods of securing large timbers from the mountains of western China to be used in the construction of the imperial palaces in Peking. The volume contains information on the felling of trees and the hauling of lumber. Shown here is an illustration depicting the moving of lumber across a stream on a trestle with the aid of a capstan."
Also available in digital form.
九行二十字. Nine lines, with twenty characters per line.
明龔輝撰。是書首葉鈐:「翰林院印」滿漢文大方印,四庫館底本也。按總目知為天一閣舊藏,蓋原書未發回,後為人從翰林院中竊出;右下角收藏印記已剜去,殆出賣時不欲留惡名於人間世耳。輝奉使督木四川事,提要已言之,蓋據呂本所撰龔輝墓誌銘為說。本稱:「西槎彙草二卷,其疏若圖,采入經濟錄」;五本為原刻藍印,殊為〓目。館臣頗斥其詩,然謂:「仍著錄政書中,從所重也」。是已能認識是書價值。於採辦林木方法,圖繪極為明晰,所用各種工具,有助於研究我國古代工藝者不少,此為尤足珍者。末有曾璵說木一篇,蓋為本書所作跋。曾璵說木 嘉靖十三年 (1533) 郟鼎書後 嘉靖十二年 (1533).





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