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WWI - Russian Navy Exercises 220495-10 | Footage Farm

WWI - Russian Navy Exercises 220495-10 | Footage Farm



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[WWI - Russian Navy Exercises, ca 191?, partial]
Note: continued from 220494
All titles Russian
Inter-title: ??
23:54:16 Shot from water fo building w/ steps to water, steam launch past. POV past naval ships anchored.
23:54:36 Inter-title: Admiral Viren checking the ?
23:54:38 Sailors on board battle ship moving around deck. Launch arrives & military VIPs board ship from small boat.
23:54:58 Title: Admiral's greeting (?). Speaking to men on ships deck.
23:55:12 Two rows of sailors rowing large whaleboat, raise oars & return to rowing.
23:55:32 Title: Departure of...
23:55:34 Two stack battleship (?) leaving (begins 23:00:00 section).
Russian Navy; Czarist Military; 1910s;



1914 - 1918


Romanov Empire - Империя Романовых

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