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Women in Helsinki, 1906

Women in Helsinki, 1906



Pi och Ulla Berg, Pa Nyberg och Elsa Berg på Skatudden ca 1906. .Foto Frans Nyberg..slsa817_35_84.Wikipedia: ( ) ..Ur boken Helsingfors i ord och bild..Utgiven av Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland, ( )

Pictures from the book Helsinki in words and pictures. By The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland. ari Assmuth , Anne -May Berger, Nora Ervalahti & Marika Rose Power (ed. ) Helsinki in words and pictures City residents and city life are at the center of this book that SLS out to pay attention to Helsinki celebrates 200 years as the capital. The images were taken from the SLS archives from the period 1890-1910 and are taken by amateur photographers Gustaf Sandberg, Karl Konrad Meinander and Frans Nyberg, but also by professional photographers as Karl Emil Ståhlberg. The photographs are accompanied by quotations from contemporary literary depictions of Helsinki, and the book opens with an article by Laura Kolbe . Helsinki in words and pictures 150 pp. , Hardcover, price about 34 €, was published in October 2012 ISBN 978-951-583-257-3





Rautatientori 1, 00101 Helsinki, Finland60.17151, 24.94218
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