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William Of Orange 1555 - Public domain portrait painting


William Of Orange 1555 - Public domain portrait painting



Copy of a painting by Antonis Mor, dating from 1555.

Public domain photograph of 19th-century English painting, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description

Antonis Mor was a Flemish portrait painter who was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands, around 1517. He was also known as Anthonis Mor van Dashorst and Antonio Moro. He was one of the most important portrait painters of the 16th century and worked for many European courts, including those of Spain, Portugal and England. Mor studied under Jan van Scorel in Utrecht before travelling to Italy to study the works of the Italian masters. In 1552 he moved to Spain and became court painter to King Philip II. He remained in Spain for over a decade, producing many portraits of the royal family and other members of the Spanish aristocracy. Mor's portraits are renowned for their realism and attention to detail. He was particularly adept at capturing the likeness of his subjects, and his portraits often convey a sense of the sitter's personality and character. He also paid close attention to clothing and accessories, using them to convey social status and wealth. In addition to his portraits, Mor also produced religious paintings and allegorical works. He died in Antwerp in 1577, leaving a legacy as one of the most important portrait painters of his time.





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