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Wid's Year Book 1921 (1921) (14776755574)


Wid's Year Book 1921 (1921) (14776755574)



Actress Marie Prevost
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Title: Wid's Year Book 1921
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Wid's Films and Film Folk, Inc. Wid's Films and Film Folk, Inc.
Subjects: Motion Pictures
Publisher: New York, Wid's Films and Film Folk, Inc.
Contributing Library: Media History Digital Library
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Evans FilmMfg. Co., 416 W. 216th St.; Kalem Co.. 235 W.23rd St.: Republic Film Lab., 128 W. 52nd St.;Tremont Film Lab., 1942 Jerome Ave. Yonkers : Whitman Bennett, 537 Riverside Ave. Ohio Cleveland: Industro-Scientific Film Co., 1514Prospect Ave. Dayton : Pyramid Film Co., Pyramid Bldg., 121E. 3rd St. Toledo: Animated Adv. Serv. Co., Ohio Bldg.Wapakoneta: Buckeye M. P. Co. Pennsylvania Philadelphia: Brilliant F. Mfg. Co., 247 N.11th St.; Colonial M. P. Co., Wissahicken; Mas-terpiece Film Attractions, 1235 Vine St.; Betz-vvood Film Co., Port Kennedy, Pa. Pittsburgh: Indus. & Domestic Film Co., 16thand Perm Sts. Wilkes-Barre: Lyman Howe Film Labora-tories. 175 W. River St. Texas Dallas: E. H. Fitzhugh, 1026Elm St.Austin: Austin Film Library, Inc. Wisconsin Milwaukee: U. L. C. Industrial Film Co.,Second St. RAW STOCK Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N. Y.; BayState Film Co., Sharon, Pa.; Eagle Rock Co.,Verona, N. J.; Pathe Frcres, Bound Brook, N. J.;Powers Film Products, Rochester, N Y.
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126 Independent Exchanges (What They Handle) Any omissions in the folioiuing list of exchanges and the product they distribute are due to the failure ofconcerns to supply such information. ARKANSAS PINE BLUFF, ARK.— Southern Film and Supply Co. 206 Pine S:.—State League Industrial Reelsissued by the Motion Picture Exhibitors of Ar-kansas. CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES, CAL.— Federated Film Distributors, Inc., succes-sors to Consolidated Film Corp. 738 S. Oiive St.—Monte Banks, 2; TexasGuinan, 2; Andy Gump Cartoons, 2; Billy Franey,1; Star Ranch Westerns, 2; Western Star, 2;Al Jennings, 2; Neal Harte, 2; Hallroom Boys, 2;Vod-A-Vil Movies, 1; Screen Snapshots, 1; Light-ning Bryce Serial, 1; Ford Educational Weekly,1; Miracles of the Jungle, serial; Lee Kid Come-dies, 2; Midgets Comedies, 2; Celebrated Come-dies, 1; Irving Cummings Mounted PoliceDramas, 2; Indian Dramas, 1; Chester Comedies,1; Chester Globe Trots, 1; Chester Animal Come-dies, 2; Ben Turpin Comedies, 2.Sun Films, Inc. 73

Marie Prevost was a Canadian-born actress who gained popularity during the silent film era in Hollywood. She was born on November 8, 1896, in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, and began her career in entertainment as a chorus girl in New York City before transitioning to acting in silent films. Prevost appeared in numerous films throughout the 1920s, often portraying roles in comedies and dramas. Some of her notable films include "The Marriage Circle" (1924), directed by Ernst Lubitsch, and "The Racket" (1928), directed by Lewis Milestone. She was known for her charm and versatility on screen. However, with the transition to sound films in the late 1920s, Prevost's career began to decline. Despite efforts to adapt to the new medium, she faced personal and professional challenges, including financial struggles and difficulties in securing roles that matched her previous success. Tragically, Marie Prevost's life ended at the age of 40. She passed away on January 21, 1937, in Hollywood, California. Her death was attributed to a combination of factors, including alcoholism and malnutrition.





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