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Wayland town meeting minutes, volume 1

Wayland town meeting minutes, volume 1



Volume one of East Sudbury/Wayland has on the inside cover "East Sudbury Book of Records, a gift of Capt. Richard Heard, 1780": inside - “State of the Massachusetts Bay in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & eighty, an act for incorporating the easterly part of the town Sudbury in the county of Middlesex into a separate town by the name of East Sudbury.” It is at this time that land area was extended to the Framingham boundary line, to include the “Natick Farmers” which comprises the lands of Elizabeth Glover, who brought the first printing press, Henry Dunster, who was the first president of Harvard, and Capt. William Jennison, who gallently served in the Pequot War. This is volume one of Town records. The Town elected officials, collected taxes, gathered men for the military, supported the poor, established schools including a singing school, maintained the bridges, walked the boundaries, set fines for loose animals, repaired the roads, recorded property transactions, kept the cemetery, documented the purchases of pews, payments to the ministers, built a meeting house and discharged other town functions. The last meeting was recorded in this volume was on March 3, 1817.
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1780 - 1817


Wayland Town Clerk

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