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Warden's House (Alcatraz Island)

Warden's House (Alcatraz Island)



The Hoe House was the home of the wardens of the federal penitentiary on Alcatraz Island, off San Francisco. It is located at the northeastern end of the Main Cellblock, next to Alcatraz Lighthouse. The 3-floor 15-room mansion was built in 1921 according to the Golden Gate National Recreational Area signpost, although some sources say it was built in 1926 or 1929 and had 17 or 18 rooms...Between 1934 and 1963 the four wardens of Alcatraz resided here including the first warden, James A. Johnston. A house of luxury in stark contrast to the jail next to it, the wardens often held lavish cocktail parties here.The signpost at the spot shows a photograph of a trusted inmate doing chores at the house for the warden and that the house had a terraced garden and greenhouse] The mansion had tall windows, providing fine views of San Francisco Bay...Today the house is a ruin, burned down during the AIM (American Indian Movement) Occupation of Alcatraz on June 1, 1970.





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