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Wanderings east of Suez in Ceylon, India, China and Japan (1907) (14766146902)


Wanderings east of Suez in Ceylon, India, China and Japan (1907) (14766146902)



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Title: Wanderings east of Suez in Ceylon, India, China and Japan
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Authors: Penfield, Frederic Courtland, 1855-1922
Subjects: East Asia -- Description and travel India -- Description and travel Sri Lanka -- Description and travel
Publisher: London : George Bell and Sons New York : Century co.
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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tting a dynasty descendedfrom the sun and moon. Will the sahibs visit the elephant stable?The sahibs communicate their desire to do so.Mahouts with pikestaffs lead the way, and a myr-iad of hangers-on swarm in the train of the visi-tors. The accoutrements seen en route to the sta-ble are interesting, surely, especially the howdahs.Some of these are of silver. One was used bythe Prince of Wales; another was fashioned forthe Maharajahs use at the Delhi durbar, and agorgeous one is reserved for the viceroy wheneverthat mighty personage paj^s a state visit to Jey-pore. A half-dozen howdahs are specially fittedfor the Maharajahs favorite sport, tiger-hunting.Some of the howdah cloths represent a fortune ingold and silver bullion, while a few are saved fromtawdriness by the skill of the embroiderer in silk. The elephants are now trumpeting impatientlyfor inspection. Their compound is a series ofroofless walled enclosures, and a visitor noteswith grateful appreciation the strength of the 160
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The Vicarious Maharajah of Jeypore chains anchoring the beasts to mother earth. Aleviathan is straining at his tether in a mad effortto reach a vagabond who is tantalizing him with apike, and your guide—one of the official messen-gers with sword and shield—says: He no likeHindu people; last week he kill two. Beasts asdocile as kittens take nuts from your hand, andevince disappointment when more are not forth-coming. Five magnificent tuskers, that promptlyobey their keepers command, are used by HisHighness for tiger-hunting; and a bevy of com-plaisant elephants, quartered in a single stable,have grown old in carrying tourists up the Ambirhills, it is explained. From the elephant stables the chaprassis scurrythe visitors through fragrant gardens and nnderbizarre arches to the crocodile department, wlierea score of saurians are pastured in an enclosurethat is half swamp and half lake and is acres in ex-tent. Visitors are placed at the top of a staircase ofmasonry descending to the wa





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wanderings east of suez in ceylon india china and japan 1907
wanderings east of suez in ceylon india china and japan 1907