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Georg Pencz - Virginius Killing His Daughter


Georg Pencz - Virginius Killing His Daughter



Public domain reproduction of art print, 16th-17th century, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description.

Georg Pencz was a German Renaissance painter, engraver and printmaker. He was born in Nuremberg around 1500 and trained under Albrecht Dürer. Pencz was known for his small-scale portraits and genre scenes, often depicting everyday life in a humorous or satirical way. He also produced religious works, such as altarpieces and prints of biblical scenes. During his career, Pencz worked in Nuremberg, Augsburg and Vienna. He was a member of the Nuremberg Council of Artists and was appointed court painter to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V in 1545. Pencz's career was cut short, however, when he was imprisoned for adultery and sodomy in 1550. He died in prison the same year. Despite his short career, Pencz was a prolific artist and left behind a significant body of work. His paintings and prints are characterised by intricate detail, delicate lines and expressive faces. Pencz's work was influential in the development of Northern Mannerism, a style that emerged in Germany and Austria in the late 16th century.



1500 - 1600


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