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Vernielingen: Hengelo


Vernielingen: Hengelo



Spoorwegstation. Overkapping

Public domain photograph - The liberation of the Netherlands in 1945 by Allied forces: Canadian, British, and Soviets. By April 1945, the Allies had pushed the Germans out of most of the country.

The liberation of the Netherlands was greatly celebrated by the Dutch people. There were also many acts of revenge and retribution against collaborators. The country's economy was ruined, food was scarce, and a lot of damage was done to infrastructure. The reconstruction of the Netherlands took years. The government worked to restore the economy, provide food and housing, and repair the damage caused by the war. The Marshall Plan, which was introduced by the United States, helped to rebuild the country's infrastructure and economy and was a key element in the Netherlands' post-war recovery. - Picryl description

The most significant German bombing was the bombing of Rotterdam on May 14, 1940, which was carried out by the German Luftwaffe as part of their invasion of the Netherlands. The bombing destroyed much of the city's center and killed over 800 people. In 1945 there were several bombing attacks by the Allied powers. This album is about the aftermath of the British and American bombings.





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