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Vasily Tropinin Ukrán férfi 1920


Vasily Tropinin Ukrán férfi 1920



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Vasily Andreyevich Tropinin (1776-1857) was a prominent Russian painter known for his portraits, genre scenes and religious paintings. He was born into a family of serfs in the village of Korpovo in Russia. Despite his humble beginnings, Tropinin showed artistic talent from an early age and was supported by his master, Count Morkov. Tropinin's early training took place in Moscow, where he studied under the tutelage of various painters. His talent was recognised and he gained the patronage of influential figures who allowed him to continue his artistic education. He eventually studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts in St Petersburg. Tropinin's work focused primarily on portraiture, capturing the likeness and character of his subjects with great skill and attention to detail. He also painted scenes from everyday life, often depicting peasants and rural landscapes. His works are known for their realistic depiction of human emotions and the Russian way of life of his time. Despite the challenges he faced due to his serf status, Tropinin managed to establish himself as one of the leading painters of his time. He received commissions from members of the Russian nobility and gained recognition for his artistic talent both in Russia and abroad. Today, Vasily Tropinin is celebrated as one of the most important Russian artists of the 19th century, and his works are held in museums and collections around the world.





Museum of Tropinin and His Contemporaries, Moscow

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