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Vase of Flowers, Jan van Huysum


Vase of Flowers, Jan van Huysum



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Jan van Huysum was a Dutch painter who specialised in still lifes, especially flower arrangements. He was born in Amsterdam in 1682 and was the son of a famous flower painter, Justus van Huysum. Jan began his artistic training in his father's studio and later studied with the famous still life painter Jan Weenix. Van Huysum's paintings are known for their meticulous attention to detail and vibrant colours. He often depicted exotic flowers and fruits from around the world, creating lush and luxurious compositions that were highly sought after by collectors. His works were also notable for their use of light and shadow, which added depth and dimensionality to his floral arrangements. In addition to his career as a painter, van Huysum was a member of the Amsterdam Guild of St Luke and served as its dean from 1727 to 1733. He died in Amsterdam in 1749 at the age of 67. His paintings are now in museums and private collections around the world, including the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the National Gallery in London.





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