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Uncle Zeb and his friends (1919) (14773095143)


Uncle Zeb and his friends (1919) (14773095143)



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Title: Uncle Zeb & his friends
Year: 1919 (1910s)
Authors: Frentz, Edward W
Publisher: Boston, The Atlantic Monthly Press
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
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fdoors: one on the ground, the other reached, not byflights of stairs, but by boards sloping gently up to thesecond story and down almost to the waters edge. Above the little house bend the long, graceful branchesof willow trees, of a lovely light green; and in front of it,on the beach of sand and gravel, the waves are alwayslaughing. Those who live in this house wear nothing but snow-white clothing, with yellow stockings and shoes, forthey are a great family of ducks that belong to the city. One fine morning a baby duck came to the door ofone of the upper rooms in the little house. He stoodthere a while, looking up and down the shore. It seemedtoo good a day to stay in, so the little duck waddledslowly down the sloping board-walk, dipped his bill intothe water to see if it was warm, and then started toswim away. He had gone nearly to the end of the island, and washaving a happy time, when out from behind a big bushswam an old drake, or grandfather duck, big and strong,and very cross.
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Out of one of the lower doors of the house a big gray rat was creeping. 20 UNCLE ZEB AND HIS FRIENDS The little duck was, of course, much frightened. Hetried to turn round and swim back; but he just poundedthe water with his feet and beat it with his small wings,without going ahead any. The big drake swam right up to him and gave him ahard thump with his bill, which drove his head clearunder water, so that he got his mouth full, and almostchoked. The big drake followed him and kept rappinghim with his bill. Not until he was almost back to thelittle house did the old drake leave him. Then he wentaway, quacking crossly. The little duck crawled out of the water and lay onhis side on the warm sand, trying to get his breath, tootired to move or even to stand. Just then he saw something that filled him withterror. Out of one of the lower doors in the house a biggray rat was creeping. His tiny black eyes were shininglike beads, and he was looking right at the little duck. Nearer and nearer t





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