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Twelve great men in history. How many have you got?
Twelve great men in history. How many have you got?
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A twelve frame satire of real and fictitious important figures. They are: 1. Dr. Albert Frederick Cook, "Inventor of the North Pole," who claimed to have discovered the icy region before Admiral Robert E. Peary. Powers suggests that he may have discovered another "pole" by juxtaposing a bust-length caricature of the American physician and explorer, with a barbershop pole. 2. Herman A. Metz, "Who Discovered Brooklyn," shown in a bust-length caricature, smoking a cigar. Metz, a representative for New York, was also a Brooklyn manufacturer and importer of dyestuffs, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, and served on the city's Board of Education. 3."Professor Gloom-Bayside," one of Powers' stock characters used to express displeasure or disapproval, is depicted in bust-length, with his trademark long nose, scraggly beard, and pointed hat. 4. "Col Dillpickle Champion Pinocle Player," a frowning, scarred, mustachioed man wearing spectacles and an officer's cap. 5. "J Sargeant Gram Public Service Com.," a Tammany Democrat shown in bust-length profile. 6. Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, the unconventional physician and women's rights advocate who attracted attention by frequently wearing men's clothing, which she began to do while serving in the Army. Seen here in a full-length, profile caricature, she is dressed in a man's suit and top hat. 7. "Major Joy", an androgynous stock character used to express pleasure or approval wears a skirt and holds a top hat and cane. 8. Theodore Roosevelt in a bust-length caricature, wearing a pith helmet, identified as "Bwana Tombo-3rd Term Kid," which refers to his highly publicized trip to Africa in 1909, and his 1912 bid for a 3rd presidential term. 9. "Bill Stam, Discoverer of Stamford," a full-length, profile cartoon character dressed in Dutch garb and holding a musket as he looks out across a landscape by the ocean where a ship sails in the distance. 10. John Davison Rockefeller, labeled "Oily John, Inventor of the Soft Pedal." The bust-length caricature of the American industrialist and philanthroper, is seen beside a foot stomping out the "Small Dealer." 11. "Casey" of "Casey at the Bat," the legendary baseball player from the poem by Ernest Lawrence Taylor in a full-length caricature. 12. "Col. Baum, Man Who Discovered Hair Restorer," in a bust-length, profile caricature of a fat, man with a mustache, goatee, and two strands of hair on his head.




Powers, Thomas E., 1870-1939, artist


Library of Congress

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