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Tudor Rose from BL Royal 11 E XI, f. 2

Tudor Rose from BL Royal 11 E XI, f. 2



Detail of an allegorical miniature of a bush of the Tudor rose incorporating a Latin poem celebrating the House of Tudor, with a scroll reading 'Salve, radix varios producens germine ramos, / Quos inter ramus supereminet altior unus', with daisies for Henry VIII's sister Margaret of Scotland, and marigolds for his another sister, Mary of France, and a pomegranate bush for his wife, Katherine of Aragon, enclosed within a walled garden with tours surmounted by banners of the royal arms of England, George, and Castile, and a gateway with a lion, flanked by a red dragon and a white greyhound, and inscribed with words 'salve felix Anglia'. Image taken from f. 2 of Motets. Written in Latin.

A collection of motets by a 'Magister Sampson', formerly believed to be bishop of Chichester 1536 and of Coventry and Lichfield 1543-1554, but now thought to be a composer from the Netherlands, and by Benedictus de Opitiis, preceded by a hymn in honour of Henry VIII, with musical notation. The choirbook was produced in 1516 by Petrus de Opitiis of Antwerp for King Henry VIII.





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