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Troonzaal in het Koninklijk Paleis van Madrid


Troonzaal in het Koninklijk Paleis van Madrid



Public domain scan of artwork in the Rijksmuseum, Netherlands, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description

Juan Laurent was born on 23 March 1816 in Burgundy, France. He moved to Madrid, Spain in 1843 and set up a photographic studio. Laurent's photographs captured the architecture, landscapes and people of mid-19th century Spain. He was one of the most important photographers of his time and was renowned for the quality of his images. Laurent's work was highly sought after by collectors and art institutions. His photographs were shown in international exhibitions and published in books and magazines. He also collaborated with other photographers, including Charles Clifford and Jean Laurent. Laurent's photographs documented the transformation of Spain during the Industrial Revolution. He captured the factories, railways and other modern infrastructure that were changing the country's landscape. His photographs also depicted the everyday lives of Spaniards, from street vendors to aristocrats. Juan Laurent died in Madrid, Spain, on 24 July 1886. His legacy lives on through his vast collection of photographs, which are now housed in various institutions around the world.



1875 - 1900



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