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Trevisan manuscript.  Storia delle navig. [i.e. navigazioni] del Colo. [i.e. Colombo, or Colocut].


Trevisan manuscript. Storia delle navig. [i.e. navigazioni] del Colo. [i.e. Colombo, or Colocut].



Title from spine of early 19th-century binding.
In Venetian dialect of Italian.
The codex assembles in one copy made ca. 1503 a number of reports dating from 1501 to ca. 1503, notably: (ff. 1a-30a) Angelo Trevisan's Italian version, accompanied by four covering letters, of Pietro Martire d'Anghiera's reports on the first three voyages of Columbus (published later as De Orbe Novo, decas 1), with a controversial addition (68b-71b); the anonymous journal by a participant (João de Sá ?) of Cabral's voyage: Nauigatione de Colochut (35b-58a); information obtained from Joseph, the Indian priest of Cranganore (71b-82b; the only known ms. of this text); intelligence reports by Giovanni Matteo Cretico, Girolamo Sernigi, Pietro Pasqueligo, Gianfrancesco Affaitati.
Text begins: Copia de littere mandate per Anzolo Treuisan canziler del m[agnifi]co messier Domenego Pisani ...
Former owners: Domenico Malipieri?; Jacopo Soranzo; Matteo Canonici; Rev. Walter Sneyd (his ex libris); J.B. Thacher. Given to LC in 1927.
Written in Venice, all in one hybrid hand.
The texts were included in printed publications of the early 16th century, notably in Paesi nouamente retrouati (ed. Fracanzano da Montalboddo, Vicenza, 1507). The section of the codex dealing with Columbus has been edited by Angela Caracciolo Aricò under title Lettere sul Nuovo Mondo (Venezia, 1993).
Ricci, S. de. Medieval and Renaissance mss., p. 205, no. 41
Ricci, S. de. Medieval and Renaissance mss. (suppl.), p. 117, no. 26
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Cataloged as manuscript. vj04 13oc94
Shelved at end of manuscripts.





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