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Transactions (1895) (14598326908)


Transactions (1895) (14598326908)



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Title: Transactions
Year: 1895 (1890s)
Authors: Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Subjects: Mineral industries Mines and mineral resources
Publisher: Montreal (etc.)
Contributing Library: Gerstein - University of Toronto
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y driven in 1900 about 350 feet west of ihe old one, andis now down between eleven and twelve hundred feet It is built onthe hanging wall at an incline of 67° 12^. This fact makes it necessaryto leave a large block of good ore as a supporting pillar. The newshaft is tapped 268 feet below by the Black Bear tunnel, which hasits entrance at the lower workings about 800 feet west. THE HOILERS There are in all eleven boilers centralized in a building 40 x 120,and 160 from any other building. Two high pressure Heine boilersof 400 horse power run the compressor plant, the remaining powerbeing furnished by one battery of three Fraser and Chalmers returntubular, and two batteries of three Jenckes. The Jenckes specificationsare h.p. 150, diam. 6, length 15, thickness of shell ^4, heads A, 983^ tubes, steam drum 36 x 72, smoke stack, 4 x 80. They are setwith double brick walls 4_^ apart, and are covered on top with 2 ofasbestos cement. The boilers aggregate about 2,000 h.p. The Le Roi Mine. 405
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4o6 The Canadian Mining Institute. THE COMPRESSORS. The compressing plant of Le Roi consists of two duplicate crosscompound steam and air Corless-Rand compressors. Steam from theHeine boilers enters the 22 high pressure cylinder at from 140 to 160pounds, passing into the 36^ low pressure at about 20 pounds. Air iscompressed to about 21 pounds in the 40 low pressure cylinder, pas-sing through the intercooler and emerging from the 22 high pressurecylinder at 95 pounds. It is held in two 4 x 16 receivers. Runningat a 48 stroke and at 70 revolutions the capacity of these machines is4000 feet per minute. They are, roughly, 40-drill compressors. Airloses one pound of pressure per 1000 feet of travel before reaching thedrills. The compressors are on a foundation of bed rock covered with73.4 feet of hydraulic cement. An intercooler test gave the followingresult: Air entering 205°, leaving 55°; water entering 52°, leaving 55°. BLACK BEAR PIPING. The power of the Le Roi in the shape of comp





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transactions 1895
transactions 1895